Aislaby Tea Garden Black Tea - No.21


 Aislaby Tea Garden Black Tea - No.21Aislaby Tea Garden Black Tea - No.21 

Aislaby Tea Garden Black Tea - No.21

This tea harvested during the summer season from the eastern hills of Sri Lanka offers a strong unmistakable Uva region flavour.

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Tea Story

About the tea: Teas harvested during summer months, also referred to as “quality season” offer a robust brew with high level of briskness or liveliness, pungency with the unique spicy notes of cinnamon, pepper and nutmes with a lingering sweet finish. This certainly a tea that is suitable for those who love a strong, full-bodied cup with all the characteristics of a perfect Ceylon Tea. 

A wonderful alternative to a breakfast tea, it can be enjoyed with milk and sugar to suit your preferences. 

About the factory

This tea is from the renown Aislaby Tea Estate that lies at an altitude of 4,200 feet in the Malwatte valley of Uva province, Sri Lanka. 

About the region: This region has a unique microclimate particularly from June to August, where the day breaks out with cold misty, followed by intense sun during the day and cool dry breeze in the evening.  These conditions make the growing process slower and the leaves tend to be more flavoursome due to the high concertation of the flavour properties in the leaves.

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea




Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in the Aislaby estate, Sri Lanka.


Tasting Notes


Brewing Guidance

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