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In this section, you can browse all tea varieties from The Tea Makers of London. We offer a wide range of teas online, allowing you to select a new flavour each time you order. From the pure regional loose leaf teas to our expertly created tea blends, all our luxury teas are of the very highest quality.

About Our Teas:

All our exquisite teas provide a luxurious treat for all the senses. Choose from a selection of classic black teas, rare smoky teas, healthy green tea, aromatic jasmine teas, magical flowering tea, popular ceremonial matcha green tea powder, tender oolong, caffeine-free rooibos, organic tea, calming herbal tea, tender white tea, flavoursome fruity teas and spicy chai tea.

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White Peony Supreme (Pai Mu Tan) - No.47

From:  £4.50  (41)

Named after the petals of the White Peony, this tea is characterised by its tender, downy-white leaves.

Yunnan (Dian Hong) Black Tea - No.26

From:  £4.50  (20)

Harvested during early spring, once infused this tea imparts rich caramel and cocoa notes.

Assam Breakfast Tea - No.36

From:  £4.00  (23)

This breakfast tea is perfect for those who prefer a full bodied, strong cup in the morning.

Assam FBOP Second Flush Manjushree - No.19

From:  £4.00  (64)

An exceptional Assam breakfast tea made with an abundance of golden tips for a gorgeously strong cup.

Assamica Chocolate Spice - No.301

From:  £4.00  (27)

Black Assam tea mixed with Cocoa and ginger to create a deep and malty flavour complexity. 

Ceylon Lover's Leap Tea - No.17

From:  £4.00  (16)

This Orthodox FBOP has a shorter oxidisation process that preserves its delicate flavours.

Chamomile Blossoms - No.121

From:  £4.00  (36)

Revered for its outstanding health benefits, our award-winning chamomile tea offers an apple-like floral taste.

Distinctive Ceylon Ruhuna - No.23

From:  £4.00  (16)

The conditions in the Southern region of Ceylon creates a dark leaf, which makes for a brisk and delightful brew.

Exotic Caribbean Punch / Fruit Salad Tea - No. 146

From:  £4.00  (4)

This tea, inspired by the Caribbean, produces a wonderful fragrant brew inspired by the Caribbean. 

FF Darjeeling House Blend - No.08

From:  £4.00  (63)

This First Flush Darjeeling with floral and fruity notes is perfect for any time of the day.

Golden Valley Assam - No.44

From:  £4.00  (2)

This Extra Special FBOP Grade tea embodies the perfect Assam breakfast tea. 

Invigorating Lemongrass and Ginger - No.127

From:  £4.00  (39)

This award-winning caffeine-free tea is made with a combination of lemongrass and ginger, mixed with peppermint and liquorice.

Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13

From:  £4.00  (39)

Hailing from the Nuwara Eliya region of Ceylon, this tea offers a strong and astringent brew.

Japanese Premium Gyokuro - No.63

From:  £4.00  (34)

Gyokuro has a sweet flavour which is mild in taste and a greenish in colour infusion.

Luxury Ceylon Pekoe - No.20

From:  £4.00  (44)

A premium Ceylon black tea which imparts a crisp, smooth and characterful flavour.

Mary Grey - No.15

From:  £4.00  (76)

Made from the finest Ceylon black teas, this version of a classic Earl Grey imparts a delicate and fruity flavour.

Menthos Green Tea - No.67

From:  £4.00  (12)

A popular classic, ideal for an iced tea on hot days. Made with quality Chinese gunpowder and American mint.

Organic Rooibos - No.102

From:  £4.00  (60)

A healthy Organic Rooibos, this tea offers a rich, full-bodied infusion with tangy and sweet notes.

Peppermint Leaves - No.122

From:  £4.00  (45)

Our award-winning, delightfully refreshing Peppermint Leaves provide a wonderfully calming and uplifting infusion.

Sensational Bora Bora - No.141

From:  £4.00  (49)

Named after the island of Bora Bora, this award-winning tea is created by combining fruits to create a, exquisite flavour.

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