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Bamboo Tea Utensils Set


Bamboo Tea Utensils Set

A beautifully made set of bamboo tea utensils, ideal for all loose leaf teas.

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A beautifully made set of bamboo tea utensils, ideal for all loose leaf teas. 

This bamboo set is mostly used when brewing traditional Chinese teas and is also known as a Chinese Cha Dao Set.

This set includes:

6 x small trays 
1 x decorative utensil holder
1 x tea scoop
1 x tea tongs
1 x tea shuffler
1 x tea needle 
1 x tea funnel


Trays = 110mm length x 65mm width
Utensil holder = 210mm length x 110mm height 
Tea scoop = 80mm length 
Tea tongs = 80mm length 
Tea shuffler = 80mm length 
Tea needle = 80mm length 
Tea funnel = 60mm diameter 

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