Best Temperatures to Make the Most of your Tea

Thursday, 12 March 2015  |  Adam

At what temperature should you be steeping your tea?  

Most tea drinkers in the UK are very particular about their tea and how they take it, but when it comes to loose or luxury teas, many people are confused about the best way to prepare the beverage.

Steeping tea is essential for intense flavour, however to get the best flavour from your teas it is of paramount importance that you steep the tea at the correct temperature. Unlike traditional British tea, other types of tea can be spoiled with boiling water.

Many teas have delicate leaves that will burn when left to steep at too high of a temperature – this will leave a bitter aftertaste to the tea. Whilst every tea is different and has its own recommended steeping temperature, this brief guide will help put you in the right direction next time you sit down with a cuppa.

White Teas

White teas require a much lower steeping temperature than black or herbal teas. The delicate leaves become cooked in water that is too hot and rather than realising the gentle flavours the tea can take a rather bitter taste.

To make the most of the subtle flavours, it is recommended that you steep your white teas with water that measures between 76.6C and 85C.

Green Teas

Like white teas, green teas have very similar delicate leaves and become cooked quickly in water that is poured too hot. Leave your green tea to steep in water 76.6C and 85C for the best possible flavours.

Oolong Teas

Oolong teas have recently made a big impact on the tea drinkers of the UK, the sweet alternative to green tea has swayed many black and green tea drinkers to opt for the tasty tea with impressive health benefits.

The dense, lightly oxidised tea leaves are wrapped in cloth and rolled into tight balls. To make the most of the sweet oolong flavour, steep your teas with water between 82.2 and 87.2 in temperature.

Black Teas

Like herbal teas, black tea has one of the strongest teas, and can withstand a much hotter temperature of water. To make the most of your black tea it is best left to steep in water between 97.7 and 100 degrees.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, often chosen for their relaxing properties and unique tastes are much like black teas and also steep best in much hotter water. To make the perfect herbal tea, leave it to steep in water between 97.7 and 100 degrees.

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