First Flush Darjeeling Tea

Wednesday, 10 June 2015  |  Adam

spring2015darjeeeling.html" style="text-align: justify;">Darjeeling is one of the world’s most popular teas, and is often referred to as the “champagne of tea”. First flush Darjeeling, which is he name given for the first spring buds of the year, is widely considered to signify the start of the new season. The Darjeeling first flush comes from the Himalayan foothills, where following the harsh and bitter winter, the first tea buds open with the first signs of spring sunshine. The first flush teas have a more pronounced floral aroma and offer a slightly more intense fruity flavour, distinctive to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling is technically a black tea, however the processing of the tea is more similar to that of green tea – opting for minimal oxidisation – before being rolled in order to preserve the natural flavours.

The tea is much sweeter than most black and green teas, it is lightly coloured and has a strong sweet scent which is unique to Darjeeling tea. The tea can be enjoyed hot or chilled and its sweet taste means you won’t need to add milk, sugar or sweeteners.

first flush Darjeeling comes from three of the oldest tea estates, Jungpana, Rohini and Margaret’s Hope. Our stocks are very limited, as the first flush only comes once a year – but if you hurry you can find 50g and 100g packages on our site.

Darjeeling first flush is the seasonal highlight of the tea year – don’t miss out.

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