Breakfast Tea: The Most Important Tea of the Day

Thursday, 11 February 2016  |  The Tea Makers of London

A proud nation of breakfast tea lovers we may well be, yet there are plenty of breakfast varieties out there that remain unexplored, even by the most enthusiastic and adventurous of us. Fear not, though, for we at The Tea Makers have a wonderful collection of classic breakfast teas that are suitable for any time, day or night.

Great with a morning porridge or slice of toast and marmalade, delicious with an afternoon lunch or snack, and more than welcome with an evening meal or just as a way to round off a busy day, our collection of breakfast teas take in loose leaf delights from the hills of northeast India, Sri Lankan valleys and Chinese mountainsides.

English Breakfast Tea

Our English Breakfast Tea combines a full body and the classically robust notes of a breakfast tea with a silky finish that is a far cry from the typically astringent offerings of brand name teas. Handpicked Ceylon leaves from Sri Lanka ensure great quality and an English Breakfast with a difference.


Deep and floral aromas distinguish this fine Chinese breakfast tea, which also offers a calming, nuttiness that is unique to this most special of black teas.

Assam Mangalam

Perfect for wintery evenings and cold, early starts alike, the golden tips of our Assam Mangalam make for a gorgeously deep amber liquor and the complex flavours that are the hallmark of a fine Indian tea.

Distinctive Ceylon Ruhuna

Rich caramel flavours make this delicious Sri Lankan tea just perfect for a chilly evening by the fire. Great alongside some shortbread or perhaps a square of chocolate, this is one of our favourite breakfast teas.

Breakfast Tea Taster Pack

Finally, if choosing between all these great breakfast teas all at once is a little too daunting, we highly recommend this fantastic introduction into quality loose leaf breakfast teas. This pack includes our English Breakfast Tea, our Keemun Black Tea, and our malty Assam Throwra, which many of our most loyal tea tasters just can't get enough of.
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