Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We are constantly looking for environmentally friendly, recyclable or even biodegradable materials to help make our teas and our brand a sustainable tea brand that you can trust. The packaging industry has to do lots of catching up to do! At The Tea Makers, we are serious about our commitment to switch all our packaging to eco-friendly products and we are constantly working towards achieving this goal.

What changes have we made?

For those who have made recent purchases, you may have noticed a slight change in the size and shape of our tin. We wanted to introduce a slicker and more sophisticated look to our products, whilst also keeping the same amount of loose leaf tea. We would love to know what you think of our new designs!

Another observation that some of you have made is that a few of our teas have been packed straight in the tin.  Have no fear! This is not a mistake but our smart, new way of packing. 

We have introduced a tin with an airtight inner lid that allows the teas to be packed directly in without the hassle of a bag.  So, when you pop open the lid, you will still have the fragrant and fresh aromas of the leaves.



We are also very excited to announce that not only are our tea caddy tins already recyclable, but now is the "plastic bag" they are stored in!

Having listened to you, our loyal and esteemed customers over the years, we have adopted a special clear bag for some of our teas that keeps our loose leaf teas fresh, whilst simultaneously doing our bit to save the planet. It is made with natural products and we use it to pack the more delicate teas, such as Japanese Premium Gyokuro, Japanese Sencha, Supreme Japanese SenchaAnji Bai Cha, Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong and all our Matcha teas.

You will see a sticker on the bag, ensuring you that it is fully compostable and biodegradable.


What about the teabags?

In 2018, we launched our our plastic free teabags that were 100% biodegradable. We have made no changes to these since, only in that we are producing more and more!

Our teabags consist of:

  1. The tea bag - made from biodegradable corn starch, which is a carbohydrate extracted from corn
  2. String 
  3. Label - made from paper

You also don't need to worry - the corn starch will not affect the flavour of the tea in any way.

Our teabags are best disposed in your compost bin or in your local council food waste bin. 

For more information, please do read our previous Teabag blog post here


Are there improvements for the future?

We will continue to adopt our products to ensure you receive only the best quality product that is also eco-friendly.

When it comes to packaging, we are still facing the struggle to finding an alternative product for the plastic pouches, where we offer loose leaf tea in larger packs.

Although there are products available, we have not found them suitable for keeping the tea as fresh as you or ourselves like. These are generally paper based products that are made with breathable material which would affect the teas' freshness, flavour and aroma very quickly. 

We are doing what we can to ensure you have the authentic, quality tea experience that you come to us for. Please know that we are working to improve and achieve our sustainable goal, with the environment and your well being in mind. 

Gillian Wooldridge
Saturday, 13 July 2019  |  13:19

Fantastic news. Well done tea makers

Monday, 15 July 2019  |  15:40

Hi Gillian, thank you very much! We are proud and hope this endeavour will help make a difference. We will keep you updated with any more developments. Kind regards, The Tea Makers of London.

Pamela Machin
Friday, 10 January 2020  |  14:00

Great news. Just one comment. I would love to be able to buy 100g or 125g of my favourite teas without the caddy as I don't need another one every time and this is the best amount for me to buy each time in order to keep up with the amount I drink whilst keeping it reasonably fresh.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020  |  15:11

Hi Pamela, thank you for your comments. The most environmentally friendly option here would be to buy a larger pack (thus reducing the packaging and transport) All the larger packs are resealable so you can just refill your caddy from there and re-seal once done. Unfortunately there isnít a non-caddy option in the same weight as a caddy currently, however we will take your feedback into consideration next time we review our packaging.

Hazel Williams
Monday, 7 December 2020  |  15:55

Hi, can you confirm if all your teas are vegan?

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