The Gold Range: Make it a Golden Christmas with Loose-Leaf Teas to be Treasured

Thursday, 8 October 2015  |  Adam

Whisper it if you must, but winter is coming - and so is Christmas. And while, just as with any other year, there may be no escaping the jingle-jingle of re-hashed Christmas carols, not to mention all those Christmas number 1s from yesteryear, at least with The Tea Makers there is some taste you can rely on - in the form of our very own Gold Range; a selection of our favourite and most fascinating teas.

Here is a quick glance at why you'll be wanting to have your stockings filled with tea this Christmas:

Darjeelings Unlimited

Located in the Lesser Himalaya mountain range of West Bengal and sat atop green hills between snowy peaks and lush forest, Darjeeling, connected to the town of New Jalpaiguri by its famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, is world-renowned for its wonderful black teas.

Jungpana 2015 First Flush

All the way from the remote tea garden of Jungpana, this extraordinary spring flush tea of bright golden liquor offers an invigorating, floral aroma, with sweet and subtle notes to the palate.

Margaret's Hope 2015 First Flush

Another outstanding first flush tea, our beautiful amber Margret's Hope has great depth and character with hints of dark grape.

Gorgeous Greens

Gently oxidised, generally pan-fried in China and steamed in Japan, green teas may also be oven or sun-dried to achieve their rich and complex variety of flavours and aromas.

Japanese Premium Gyokuro

Differing from Japanese sencha in that it is a shade-grown tea, our Premium Gyokuro offers a delicate and refreshing sweetness, a light green liquor, and calming aroma.

Anji Bai Cha

This rare delight from breezy and leafy Zhejiang Province is almost a white tea by process. Light and delicate, while also extremely smooth, Anji Bai Cha offers a subtle complexity with citrus notes.

Chinese Rarities

The ancestral home of all teas, China remains not only a huge expanse of regionally distinct terrains, peoples and cultures, but also tea.

Aged Pu-erh

From the deep south-west of Yunnan, rich in peaks, valleys, rivers and forest, our 10 year-aged Pu-erh has a wealth of complexity and charisma to offer the palate and nose.

Yunnan Mao Feng

As rare as it is golden, our Mao Feng from south Yunnan is spring-picked, giving a blood-red liquor and a seductively smooth experience with its long powerful notes of Mediterranean wine, topped off with a delicate, spring-like aroma.

For some of the finest teas around, our Gold Range really is utterly unmissable (just don't think you have to wait until Christmas to start enjoying it).

The Tea Makers of London