Great Green Teas to Brighten Up January 2016

Monday, 11 January 2016  |  The Tea Makers of London

The festive season may be over, the nights may be cold, and the days may be short, but there's no reason not to start the year as you mean to go on by enjoying some super-tasting green teas that will help you through the chilliness, and present some lovely opportunities in the form of new teas ripe for discovery.

For those early evenings in

Matcha is wonderful at bringing in a very welcome wave of calm. This ability to relax is attributed to certain nutrients (l-theanines), which are said to help regulate blood pressure.

Hojicha is autumnal in liquor, but its rich, toffee creaminess is perfect for cosy winter nights with a good book and a hot water bottle.

For looking good and feeling good

Sencha has more vitamin C than just about any other tea and is known for keeping its drinkers bright and energised. It's also popular with people who wish to lose weight.

Gyokuro's ability to help the body absorb iron means that it's excellent for keeping blood well oxygenated, and will help you to feel energetic despite the short daytime hours.

Dragon Organic Well is another nutritious tea that is deliciously smooth, aromatic and pleasingly sweet.

For broadening horizons

Anji Bi Cha is citrussy and beautifully smooth. If you haven't yet experienced its seductive textures, this green tea from Zhejiang Province, China, is definitely one that should be on your New Year's resolution to-do list.

Huangshan Mao Feng is cultivated at high altitudes and offers hints of roasted nuts – perfect to enjoy during the post-festive season haze, and certainly a tea that should be tried by anyone seeking to experience new tea aromas and flavours.

Winter has arrived, but there's no need to let the cold in. With these great green teas to try out, you can ensure a suitably warming start to 2016.

The Tea Makers of London