Our Great Taste 2020 award-winning teas

Thursday, 8 October 2020  |  The Tea Makers of London

Our must try teas, independently tasted and verified by The Guild of Fine Food's experts

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The Great Taste Awards 2020, by The Guild of Fine Foods, has now been announced, celebrating the Food and Drinks industries finest, most delicious must-try products.

As part of the celebrations, we are delighted to announce that the judges gave their seal of approval on eight fine teas and delicious blends from our best-selling everyday classics.


Great Taste 2020 award - Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Caddy Great Taste 2020 award - Chamomile Blossoms Herbal Tea Caddy


Our two-star Great Taste winners

Our beautifully floral multi-award-winning Jasmine Dragon Pearls and wonderfully calming Chamomile Blossoms sourced from the fertile banks of the river Nile were each awarded with an incredible two-star Great Taste Award.

The panel of over 500 industry experts independently issued a further six of our products with the Great Taste Award.


Great Taste 2020 award - Hibiscus Bora Bora Fruit Tea CaddyGreat Taste 2020 award - Lemongrass Ginger Tea Caddy


Our other award-winning teas and blends

For those who prefer a sweet, fruit tea beverage with a slight zing on the pallet, our winning Hibiscus Bora Bora is simple and easy to brew fruit tea that can be enjoyed at lunch, or chilled and adventurously mixed with soda water. Alternatively, our blend of Lemongrass and Ginger still delivers a zing, more invigorating than the Hibiscus, that sits well with systems sensitive to caffeine but still needing that morning pick me up.


Japanese Sencha Green Tea CaddyJapanese Genmicha Green Tea Caddy


Japanese green tea

To refresh the mind, body and spirit, our 2020 green teas from sacred region of Ise Bay, Japan are ideal and a judges’ favourite, with its delicate grassy notes with distinct umami taste Japanese Sencha being the standard for others to follow.

This very tea also forms the base for our much loved Japanese Genmicha, which in addition to a classic green tea taste, rewards the pallet with nutty notes from the roasted rice.


 Vanilla Rooibos Tea Caddy


Vanilla rooibos

As we reach our final Great Taste Award winner for 2020, we have the Vanilla Rooibos. Considered as a herbal tea, as it instead originates from the Fabaceae plant family. Our naturally caffeine free Rooibos tea is sourced from the Western Cape of South Africa and yields an incredibly complex, creamy taste that leaves a lingering natural vanilla sweetness on the tongue. You can savour this hearty infusion until the last drop.

Go on, why not treat yourself to one of our taste experiences today.

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