Introducing Doke 2018 First Flush Tea

Friday, 27 April 2018  |  The Tea Makers of London

With spring now in full bloom, we are excited to announce that we’ve just received the eagerly awaited Doke 2018 First Flush tea from this year’s harvest. With its  light amber cup, brisk and fresh notes with sweet finish, this tea carries all the characteristics of a high-quality first flush.

About the tea 
The balanced elements of Poke tea result in a brisk, bright and strong brew and it produces a wonderful sweet smell and it is also worth noting that this particular tea has won a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards. 

So, how did we choose the tea from the range of First Flush produced this year? Read below to find out more. 

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The selection process 
Doke tea has been carefully selected from a variety of First Flush teas by our experienced resident tea expert. As with all the teas we source, the tea farm itself has also been carefully considered. The staff at Doke Tea Garden believe tea is not just a drink, but a way of life. Neha, the manager at Doke and the daughter of the founder, says “Our goal is to produce tea without harming the eco-system……the well-being of the people who work for us and live on the land is also very important to us.” This wonderful dedication to the environment and the people of the Doke farm is one of the many reasons we have chosen to work with them. 

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The history of the tea farm
Rajiv Lochan started his career in the tea industry in 1974. He went on to manage 10 tea gardens in South India and Darjeeling until, in 1998, he decided it was time for him to go it alone. He bought 40 hectares of land where the Doke River flows and started his Doke Tea Plantation. Due to his wealth of experience and knowledge, the company has flourished and produces a variety of wonderful, high-quality teas. The company is now a family business, with his wife and children being involved in all aspects of the tea garden. 

The farm participates in charity work 
Doke tea farm are active sponsors of a local school in the Darjeeling district, situated in Mirik. The Don Bosco School educates children from the area who otherwise may not receive a good level of education. Doke tea’s future plans include the opening of a school for local girls, giving them an education as well as teaching them a tea-sector job. 

About the region
The Bihar state is the 13th largest in Indian, with an area of 94,163km2. It is also the 3rd largest state in terms of population. Split by the river Ganges, Bihar is an amalgamation of three regions, Magadh, Mithila and Bhojpur. With a diverse climate and subtropical temperatures, the fertile plains of Bihar are ideal for growing tea, resulting in the high-quality tea we are all used to from the Darjeeling areas.

By the Doke river in the Bihar state, you can find many activities to undertake as a visitor, such as hand-making your own tea from the leaf plucking to the drinkable tea, fishing the local way, camping, cultivating spices and making pottery. 

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