London Fashion Week Autumn 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016  |  The Tea Makers of London

London Fashion Week

September 2016

The Connoisseurs' Cocktail Party

On Thursday the 15th of September, we were the proud hosts of the Connoisseurs’ Cocktail Party. The event was held in collaboration with our partners at City of London Distillery. During the summer, the talented bar team and brand ambassador at C.O.L.D. have been creating a range of delicious cocktails using our tea. This month, we embarked upon an exciting new journey as we participated in the 2016 autumn edition of London Fashion Week. We loved being part of this great event and are very excited to tell you all about it.

"Tea and gin are quintessentially British beverages"


Tea-cocktails are the new black in London bars this year. Therefore, we are very happy that the bar staff at City of London Distillery have chosen our tea as mixers in their latest cocktail creations. The tea-cocktails include a Royal Gunpowder Gimlet made with our Royal Ceylon Gunpowder tea, a classic Earl Grey Martini made using our Ceylon Earl Grey Supreme and a C.O.L.D. Ruby Punch in which they have used our Huangshan Mao Feng green tea.

During the Connoisseurs’ Cocktail Party, we were taken on a guided tour of the gin distillery and had the pleasure of learning about the history of gin. As with tea, each gin has its own distinctive flavour profile that creates a unique experience for the drinker. Tea and gin are quintessentially British beverage and we believe that combing the two creates an exceptionally delicious flavour sensation.

The teas

Royal Ceylon Gunpowder - No. 68

A rare tea of the most exquisite quality, hailing from Sri Lanka, renowned for its distinctive and characteristically pungency, this green tea is skilfully rolled from the most tender, hand-picked buds. Offering a gorgeous, darkly golden liquor and imparting a captivatingly rich flavour with a delicious hint of oakiness, this is a wonderfully characterful infusion and, with the usual fantastic health benefits of a sublime green tea, is the perfect pick me up taken at any time of the day.

Ceylon Earl Grey Supreme - No. 07

A truly stunning and exceptional version of this aromatic classic, our Supreme Earl Grey is a superlative blend of exquisite Ceylon teas individually selected from the most celebrated tea growing estates in the Nuwar Eliya and Dimulla regions of Sri Lanka.

Huangshan Mao Feng - No. 64

This majestic Chinese tea with the most stunning, bright green leaves, is lovingly cultivated in tea gardens, which nestle amongst the high peaks of the Huangshan mountains. What distinguishes Huangshan Mao Feng Tea from other Mao Feng Teas is the colour of its leaves. The tea liquor is jade green in colour and has a light flowery fragrance. Huangshan Mao Feng flavour is fresh, mellow with lovely nutty notes and a pleasant floral aftertaste.


The Xu Zhi fashion show

On Saturday the 17th, the fashion party continued as we headed off to serve tea at the Xu Zhi show. Xu Zhi is a very talented young designer from China. The show resembled a garden party and our tea was served to his guests as they entered the showroom. Additionally, each guest was gifted with a goodie bag which contained samples of our luxury tea triunes.

Xu Zhi is a luxury London-based Chinese label with a contemporary attitude to both aesthetic and craftsmanship. His approach is focused on simplicity through intricacy — projecting an unmistakable level of quality for both the trained and untrained eye.


"Our award-winning  Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Japanese Sencha Supreme, as well as our Matcha & Sencha Blend tea triunes, was the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful fashion show "


With material innovation at the heart of every piece, Xu Zhi not only creates designs synonymous with the brand but has also developed a construction technique unique to the atelier. Still, within its first five years, Xu Zhi has achieved niche and retail success — resonating in both European and Asian markets.

As well as this, Xu Zhi continues to experiment with both material and technique showcasing collections in London, Paris, Milan and China.

Our award-winning Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Japanese Sencha Supreme teas were the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful fashion show.


The teas

Jasmine Dragon Pearls - No. 55

Jasmine Dragon Pearls is an artisan Chinese tea made from silver needle green tea leaves and Jasmine flowers. During production, the tea leaves are layered with Jasmine as to allow the oils of the flower to infuse into the tea. The tea leaves are then delicately rolled into beautiful little pearls that unfurl when steeped into hot water.

Japanese Sencha Supreme - No. 69

This finest quality Sencha Supreme green tea from Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan is our most revered, award-winning tea. Our exquisite Japanese Sencha Supreme Tea Triunes were awarded the coveted three-star ranking at the 2016 Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards. The supreme quality of this exquisite tea is delicately cultivated by our exceptionally talented Japanese tea farmers, whose tea expertise has been passed from generation to generation for over 800 years.

Matcha & Sencha Blend - No. 73

This is a delightful combination of two of the most loved teas from Japan - Matcha and Sencha. The Supreme Sencha used in this blend is known for its mellow sweetness, perfectly balanced with a mild and refreshing astringency. The Ceremonial Grade Matcha is intensely rich, smooth in its flavour and has lingering sweet notes. Together, they make a delicately balanced drink that is energising, rich in flavour, smooth in taste and wonderfully aromatic.

Our luxury tea triunes

Our luxurious and stylish triangular teabags provide the perfect way for you to enjoy the high-quality experience of loose leaf tea with all the conveniences of a normal teabag. Packed with our most exquisite loose leaf teas, these luxury teabags are a perfect way to enjoy fine quality tea with ease. These large, mesh triangles allow adequate space for the fine tea leaves to expand and impart their exquisite natural flavours into your teapot.

The Tea Makers of London