Mother's Day, The Tea Makers' Way

Wednesday, 13 March 2019  |  The Tea Makers of London

Mother's Day, The Tea Makers' Way

Picture this: Mother's Day has arrived and you haven't booked a fancy afternoon tea. Panicked? No need to be! We have compiled a list of our favourite classy teas and teaware for you both to enjoy your own afternoon tea at home. Simply set up the table and bring in the cakes!

At The Tea Makers of London, we know how special mums are and we want yours to feel like a Queen at high tea. Make your mum feel like royal-tea this year with our selection of premium teas and elegant glassware.

Afternoon Teas and Pairing

These are the teas no good afternoon tea is complete without, in our professional opinion.

This stunning version of the classic Earl Grey offers a blend of exquisite Ceylon teas, scented with flavours of bergamot oil and blue cornflowers. The citrussy notes of the tea compliment any cake layered with vanilla or chocolate. There's a reason our Earl Grey is our best-selling tea - ask our customers and they'll tell you!

Our traditional English Breakfast tea is a sure choice for your afternoon tea. It imparts a rich and beautifully smooth taste which is a reflection of the Sri Lankan tea gardens the leaves are grown and harvested in. Pair this with a simple rich tea biscuit, crumbly shortbread or a classic golden Hobnob and remember to have plenty on your plate to choose from.

Allow this delicate green tea to stun your mum with its intense floral flavour and graceful qualities. Our Jasmine Dragon Pearls has an elegant champagne hue which looks stunning when served in glass teaware.   Enjoy this fragrant delight with your choice of cucumber, egg, cheese and tomato finger sandwiches.

This exceptional loose leaf tea, made by plucking the most delicate fledgling rose buds, offers a soothing cup of rose goodness. If you are looking for a light refreshing tea to cleanse your sweet-tooth palate, allow our Whole Rosebuds to work her magic.

Our Lemongrass and Ginger tea is a combination of aromatic lemongrass and spicy ginger pieces, mixed with soothing peppermint and liquorice to give that subtle natural sweetness. Enjoy this zesty herbal tea with your cream and scones, loaded with fruity jam or tangy compote! 

The King of fruit teas! Named after the island of Bora Bora, this loose leaf fruit tea is created by combining an array of exquisite fruits to create that intense sweet flavour. Pair this tea with your favourite lemon or blueberry cupcake or fruit crumble for maximum sweetness.

Once you finish your sandwiches and begin to move onto dessert, may we suggest you try our calming Peppermint Leaves tea. Its minty infusion and soothing qualities can help you take a moment to enjoy your savoury delights. Plus it is caffeine free, so you won't feel guilty pouring your mum cup after cup.

Rooibos at an afternoon tea? You heard it here first. This delicious tea is created by combining the finest quality green Rooibos and Honey Bush leaves with an exquisite array of juicy fruits and delicate rose and orange blossoms. Enjoy it as a steaming cup of tea, or if your afternoon tea has that special edge, cold brew it and let us know what you think!

This authentic Indian chai blend offers a slightly malty flavour with an alluring aroma of fresh cardamom and delicate notes of clove, cinnamon and black pepper. Our Masala Chai blend is an exceptionally calming, sweet and spicy chai loose leaf tea, which is best enjoyed with milk to provide an unrivalled taste sensation! We recommend you indulge in this tea once you have eaten all your treats, as it is best enjoyed with a side order of full-tummy relaxation.

Afternoon Teaware

Our luxurious Zenshi Glassware range is what you need to indulge in a true tea experience. Your mum will love our top picks, and some are even on sale.

Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser and Coil Filter, 800ml

                 Glass Cup and Saucer                        

         Glass Teapot with Coil Filter,     450ml

  • Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser and Coil Filter, 800ml

This teapot is perfect for a small family who like to enjoy a variety of different teas. Size - 12.5cm H x 21cm W x 13cm L. Serves up to 2-3 cups of tea.

This beautiful teapot is perfect for enjoying flowering or blooming teas. Size - Internal height 9.5cm, external height with lid 15cm. Serves up to 2 cups of tea.

This cup's double walled design makes the liquid inside seem to float.  Perfect for enjoying iced teas in the summer and hot teas in the winter.  Size - 9cm Height , 8.5cm diameter.

The tea glass is skilfully crafted from strong, ultra-light, heat resistant, mouth-blown, borosilicate glass. Ideal for enjoying both hot and cold brewed speciality teas. Size - 9.5cm H x 4cm top diameter x 6.5cm bottom diameter.

  • Glass Cup and Saucer - no longer for sale

Serve tea the traditional British way, but with a modern twist! Enjoy tea at all times of day and during all occasions. Dishwasher safe and comes in a white cardboard box.

This pitcher ensures that your tea does not over-brew and become bitter. Once the tea has brewed in your teapot, transfer the liquor to your tea-pitcher and use for serving. Size - 9.5cm H x 9.5cm W x 12cm L. 

More of a gifts lady?

All mums are wonderful and amazing but not all the mums are the same. If you would prefer to buy her a thoughtful gift this Mother's Day, check out our Gift Shop on our website.

Here, you will find a selection of premium gift ideas, perfect in showing your mum just how much she means to you.

Flowering Tea Gift Set Teatime Treats (no longer available) Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs, 10 bulbs


Competition! - ended

This Mother's Day, we have teamed up with Caffe Concerto to give 2 lucky winners a chance to take their mums out for an exquisite afternoon tea! To enter, simply follow both accounts on Twitter, RT and comment why you love her so much. Winners announced at 4pm, 29th March.








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