Tea-toxing: The Organic Way

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Tea-toxing: The Organic Way

With the welcoming of 2019 and the attention on new year’s resolutions and healthier lifestyles, we want to bring your attention to the world of organic and our organic loose-leaf teas. 

A Brief Delve into the Organic Market

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, consumers over the past 20 years have demanded more organic food on the shelves.  This demand came from the increased health concerns of pesticides and agrochemicals found in non-organic products; as well as the negative adverse effects these growth methods had on the environment.  There needed to be change. 

This all began with implementing the organic crop production standards into the everyday crop production of certain foods/products.

Organically produced foods contain natural organic fertilisers and carry out a more beneficial crop rotation, which increases the soil N levels. These methods of growth and welfare not only make our food the healthiest and the best it can be, but it also appeases our nurturing human nature that we are maintaining and looking after our planet, simultaneously.

So really, growing organic is the nicest way to grow!  And this is very apparent as we see the organic market increasing.

The Soil Association’s 2018 Marketing Report shows that in February 2018, the UK organic market was worth £2.2 billion; it having risen 6% in 2017.  With the organic market holding down six years of steady growth and popularity, it accounts for 1.5% of the overall UK drink and food market. 

It seems organic could be the way forward, and this is a vision we want to set in focus for our teas.

At The Tea Makers of London, we believe in bringing you a high-quality tea experience in every cup.  To achieve this, our leaves need to be procured in the best way possible, with our fields and you in mind.

This is where our organic tea range comes in.

Our Organic Teas

We provide a variety of organic loose-leaf teas, each providing their own distinct flavours, health benefits and own indulgent tea experiences.

You can be assured that choosing from these teas, they have been reared and picked with care – with no added chemicals or flavourings.  This range meets the Soil Association Organic Standards.

Find your favourite tea below.


Dragon Well is known to be the national drink of China. This fragrant organic tea is packed full of amino acids and Vitamin C. Like most fine Chinese green teas, it also has one of the highest concentrations of catechin.  Dragon Well tea proves to be royalty in the tea world, its superior reputation preceding itself as it ranks highly in the top ten famous teas of China. It has a fresh nutty aroma with a delicate aftertaste. Give into the Dragon Well and find out what it’s like to be royal this year.


This loose leaf tea’s robust flavour transports you to the wild bush Western Province of South Africa, where it is produced. The delicate leaves are lightly oxidised to enhance the distinct Rooibos flavour and being naturally caffeine-free and extremely high in antioxidants, this is a wonderfully healthy, delicious drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Rooibos tea is full of vitamins and minerals such as zinc; copper; calcium; manganese; magnesium and potassium, to help build strong teeth and bones. It can also aid the skin with acne, eczema and sunburn etc. It has been proven to be a delicious bedtime drink to stave off insomnia. What a super-tea!


Our award-winning Vanilla Organic Rooibos tea is a popular choice for new years’ health kicks – due to its high levels of antioxidants and the overall healthy nature of the tea.  It imparts a smooth and full-bodied liqueur, leaving a creamy vanilla aftertaste.  It is worth trying this herbal infusion as a hot or cold beverage, with or without milk/sweetener. Taste it yourself and see why this tea was awarded its star at the Great Taste Awards 2016, from the Guild of Fine Food.


Matcha is a consumer favourite, for its many health benefits as well as for its Instagram-able charm.  It is said that it can boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels, when consumed on a regular basis.  Our Organic Japanese Matcha (Premium Grade) is a great introduction to those new to the world of Matcha.  Did we mention it is also on sale?!


This organic ceremonial Matcha powder is meticulously produced by tea experts and imparts a silky and rich texture with a wonderfully deep flavour, and subtle hints of sweetness.  This stems from the high concentration of healthy amino acids.  Researchers have found that the concentration of antioxidants available in Matcha tea is 10 times greater than the amount of EGCG available in other fine green teas, so this is a great health booster.  It is also very versatile, and many use Matcha in their teas and coffees, juices and cakes!

EGCG can help to prevent cellular and genetic damage by neutralizing unstable molecules - also known as ‘free radicals’. 


The popular Ceylon tea is the known as the tea of Sri Lanka, and our Ahinsa organic Ceylon tea is grown in the peaceful Nilmini Estate.  What makes this black tea special (other than it being organic) is the belief behind its growth. Ahinsa is practised in the production of the tea, as it is produced in a way that respects humans, animals, plants and the environment.  With its full-bodied flavour and caramel aroma, it makes a perfect comforting morning brew.

Ahinsa - a belief in the sacredness of all living creatures and urging the avoidance of harm and violence.

How to tell if our tea is organic

You can tell which teas on our site are organic by the use of the organic certification mark (®) of Soil Association Limited

This symbol is found on the product page of our organic teas and on our packaging.

Our organic range is certified by the Soil Association.  This organic symbol is widely recognised in the UK and, according to the Soil Association, ‘appears on over 70% of all organic products’.


We are very proud to provide you with good authentic organic tea, and we hope you can taste the goodness of this range every time your pour yourself a cuppa!


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Monday, 14 January 2019  |  13:22

Very informative blog - I enjoyed reading it. So interesting to know that not only does tea taste good but it can be used on the skin as well. I will certainly try the rooibos on dry skin which seems a much more eco friendly method rather than using lots of creams. Thank you

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