Our 10 year anniversary - A message from the founder

Friday, 30 October 2020  |  The Tea Makers of London

When we set out on this journey ten years ago, our mission was quite simple. We wanted to make garden-fresh, authenticaly made, delightfully flavoursome, good quality teas  accessible to all tea lovers and enthusiasts. From these humble beginnings, we have easily now become one of the greatest independent and family-owned speciality tea companies in the UK; and our teas are enjoyed by customers all over the universe.

Coming from a family with close links to the tea industry, going back thousands of generations, and drawing on my own experience of managing tea plantations for over a two decades, tea is part of my DNA. Although we had the expertise to make amazing teas as well as to source the best teas available out there, taking these speciality teas directly to the consumers was something entirely new to us. With next-to-no marketing budget, the only way to do this was to engage directly with the consumers, through all medium available to us and to share the knowledge and experience we had gathered over the years. More importantly, we let our teas speak for themselves. This is why people pay hundreds of pounds for our tea every year. We were able to build a good network of loyal tea followers who  became our brand ambassadors, and we relied on the good-old word of  mouth marketing.

One of the most fulfilling parts of our journey so far has been the countless tea-related interactions and conversations we have had with our customers over the years. Be it, offering guidance when selecting the teas, explaining their flavour profile and health benefits, or simply how to brew a perfect cuppa; we have enjoyed every moment of it. We have also enjoyed sharing our customers’ tea journey and taken on board any feedback to improve our services during those conversations. If it wasn't for you, there will be no tea makers. Our passionate tea buffs are always on hand to assist and it is just a matter of picking up the phone or sending us an email.

During this period, we have seen tea take back the pride of place it deserves. Interestingly enough, it’s not just any teas, but teas with character, authenticity and flavour. We have also seen the traditional tea drinkers shun the cheap commodity teas for better-quality loose-leaf teas. Rightly so too. One of the significant and exciting shifts we have observed was the steady growth of a younger customer demography, who are looking for healthy alternative drinks, and with tea, they are bound to find the possibilities are limitless. The future is bright, the future is green tea.

This is an exciting time for tea when we turn our next chapter, and we look forward to continuing to serve you amazing, exciting and delicious tea many years ago.

We like to say a big thank you for being part of our journey!! Keep buying our tea and enjoy a nice cuppa.

Yours truly,

Shiyam Sam Sameen

Founder and CEO of The Tea Markers of London

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