The Magic of Flowering Tea

Thursday, 20 April 2017  |  Maja Alice

Delicious silver needle green tea, lovingly wrapped and bound around a dried Jasmine flower. Steeped, the binding unravels, the Jasmine unfurls, petals emerge, and the flower gently blooms to reveal all its colour, form and fragrance.

You may not have heard of it before, you may have experienced it on your travels to Asia or it may be your favourite tea discovery to date. Whatever your relationship to flowering tea, it is the latest must-have in any tea lover’s collection. Most fitting, the history of flowering tea is mired in mystery. It is unknown when the first pot of flowering tea was brewed. One thing is certain though - it is a tea like no other.

This tea is the epitome of self-indulgence. It is a true treat for all the sense and appeals to those who love adventure and magic. Wonderfully aromatic, bright to the palate and stunning to observe, flowering teas recall their natural spring blooming, and, just as in nature, there is wide range of flowers and colours to enjoy.

As you unwrap the bulb, it is immediately apparent that a lot of delicate work has gone into its creation. Each individual bulb is carefully hand rolled. A sense of the utmost respect engulfs you as you hold the little ball of tea in your hand. You can feel the craftsmanship, the art, the culture and the history in your palm. You instinctively want to treat it with as much love and care as its creators.

As you pour hot water - 90° is recommended - the magic does not happen immediately. Staying true to its playful nature, the little bulb carefully unwraps itself - not revealing too much at first. It builds the suspension until, in one sudden and exciting move, it lets go of the flower inside which travels upwards in your teapot like a soaring bird.

Rosebud and marigold is a particularly charming blend of tones, offsetting deep yellow and soft pink; lilies are most delightful in their structure and variety of tone; roselle is one for the romantics, offering a powerful and passionate red; and osmanthus is sunset gold and orange.

Once fully bloomed, the tea is ready to enjoy. But before doing so, it is worth taking an extra moment to take in the complete, eye-pleasing structure. What was initially little more than a ball of leafy green is now a stunningly assembled basket of flower and tea, evidently the work of a highly skilled tea artisan.

Children and adults alike can enjoy the mysterious magic of this tea. At The Tea Makers of London, we are dedicated to bringing you an altogether perfect tea experience. Therefore, we ensure that our flowering teas are not just a treat for the eyes but for the taste buds as well. Wrapped using the finest silver needle green tea, our flowering teas have beautiful flavours of green and Jasmine tea.

None of this beautiful craftsmanship would mean anything without the right teaware to enjoy it in. A traditional teapot serves for the vast majority of loose-leaf green teas, but for a flowering tea, a glass teapot really is a must.

Flowering teas and their associated teaware make for fantastic gifts, wonderful centrepieces and great tea. Perfect for visiting guests, and a lovely way to unwind after a busy day.

For the best quality flowering tea, steep at no more than 90°C, using spring or filtered water. Enjoy!

The Tea Makers of London