Treat Yourself with Danish Winter 'Hygge'

Wednesday, 9 November 2016  |  Maja Alice

Warm up with a hot cup of tea this winter - Embracing Danish 'hygge'

All signs point to an ice-cold weather winter this tear. The latest weather reports warn us that cold winds are spreading from the Arctic and that we can expect one of the coldest winters in over five years. With snow already falling in Scotland and Scandinavia, it seems that we can expect a very cold winter.

We look to our neighbours in Denmark for tips on how to keep warm during the cold months to come.

The Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ has become increasing popular in recent years. People outside of Scandinavia have become fascinated with the idea of this fascinating concept. In the English vocabulary, the closest word to ‘hygge’ is ‘cosy’. But ‘hygge’ is so much more than cosiness. After seeing a friend, it is common for Danish people to say: ‘Det var hyggeligt at se dig’ - meaning ‘It was lovely to see you’. For the Danish, ‘hygge’ is everything warm, nice, comfortable, fun, good and simply enjoyable.

‘Hygge’ is especially important to the Danish during the long, cold months of winter. Due to the country’s northern position, winter days in Denmark are short - in fact, in December, there are only 7 hours of daylight. With darkness often setting in before people leave their place of work, the Danes look to other sources of light and warmth during those cold winter evenings.

In the true spirit of ‘hygge’, Danes will set alight their fireplaces, put on home knitted socks, light candles and - last but not least - put on the kettle.

Winter ‘hygge’ is all about keeping warm and snug while you enjoy good food and drink with friends and family. Things that are ‘warm’ and ‘delicious’ are intrinsically ‘hyggelige’ (to be ‘hygge’).

During December, the Danes love to enjoy big mugs of spicy mulled wine. In our new Seasonal Blends Collection, you can find a Danish inspired Mulled Wine Hygge Tea. The blend includes apple pieces, orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, cinnamon rods, cloves, cardamom, sliced almonds and safflower. This rare and delicious fruit and spice tea blend imparts a beautiful winter flavour and is a great choice for cold winter nights.

As the experts forecast a cold winter, the NHS have launched a campaign with the hashtag #StayWellThisWinter. As part of this campaign, doctors recommend we should drink more tea to stay warm and hydrated. 

Our range of almost 150 loose leaf choices includes everything from indulgent chocolaty teas, luxurious white and flowering teas, malty and rich black teas and healthy, antioxidant-rich green teas.

Whatever your preference, stay warm, cosy and well this winter with a cup of luxury tea. 

Wishing you a ‘hyggelig’ and healthy winter, The Tea Makers of London.


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