What is White Tea?

Tuesday, 9 April 2019  |  The Tea Makers of London

What is White Tea?

You've heard of the everyday black teas, world-renowned to creating a smooth, stimulating cup of tea. You've heard of the healthy green teas, bursting with antioxidants and becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. But have you heard of the alluring white tea?  Known for its many health benefits and fragrant nature, allow us to indulge you in the delights of this delicate and rare tea.

What exactly is white tea?

White tea is a pure rare tea, best harvested during springtime in the lush fields of Fujian, China. It derives from the same leaves used in most black and green teas, Camellia Sinensus, however, only the finest spring buds are collected and used for this intricate process. Once picked, they are carefully withered and dried under natural sunlight. The leaves grow little white hairs, which reflects the tea's name.

A cup of this delightful brew will taste honey sweet and floral. The delicate flavours are finely enhanced with water temperatures between 70-85° - any higher could result in burning the leaves, giving off a bitter taste.

How does it differ from other teas?

White tea is refined with special and natural technology, preserving its rich original contents such as active enzymes, polyphenols matter. Whilst the same plant is used to grow white tea, the process differs slightly to that of green, black and oolong teas.

It is the least processed of the teas as it undergoes a long natural drying process in the sun called 'withering'. As opposed to green tea withering, where the tea leaves are left to dry for only a few hours, white tea leaves are monitored to wither for up to three days. During this time, the tea enzymes produce a balance of sugars and theanine which creates the fresh sweet flavour of white tea.

The key here is to allow the natural tea chemistry take place with the least amount of oxidation.

White tea is also naturally high in antioxidants and naturally low in caffeine, which makes it an ideal choice of tea for any time of the day! Its other health properties include combatting skin ageing; helping reduce the risk of heart disease and producing cancer fighting properties, and more!

You can read scientifically proven benefits of this tea here, in Healthline journal.

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