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Tuesday, 17 January 2017  |  The Tea Makers of London

Enjoy speciality teas with this stylish and innovative teaware

The Zenshi range is inspired by the serenity and peace of the traditional tea ceremony and, with its many functions, it provides a fantastic way to enjoy speciality teas.



450ml Zenshi Glass Teapot with Coil Filter                                                                   Zenshi Walled Thermo Glass                                                                Zenshi Chinese Glass Gaiwan


In this blog post, you can explore our beautiful range of glass teapots, double walled thermo glasses and other speciality tea accessories. The range includes eleven beautiful teapots in different sizes, designs and with different functionalities. Also available is a selection of tea glasses, a teacup and saucer, glass Gaiwans, traditional tea tasting cups, tea pitchers, a teacup with a built-in infuser and a glass tea-warmer. This elegantly designed teaware range is handmade from borosilicate, heat resistant glass and is as practical as it is stylish. 


Zenshi Infuser Teacup

The teacup is perfect for a busy person who loves enjoying loose leaf tea - at home and in the office.

The removable glass infuser makes it easy to steep your tea and the lid will keep your tea hot if you are called away for a meeting or stuck in a long phone call.

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Before brewing During infusion               After brewing


Tea was first introduced in China over 5000 years ago. Tea drinking was associated with health, serenity and peace and was often enjoyed during social gatherings. Tea became an integral part of Chinese culture and tea drinking soon spread to other countries such as Japan. The traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony was established as a time to relax and enjoy the health benefits of tea.

In modern culture, the rush of every-day life can become stressful. Brewing an aromatic, colourful and delicious cup of tea is a great way to unwind and take a breather.

The Tea Makers of London’s founder, Sam Sameen states: “The collection was inspired by the serenity and peace of the traditional Chines and Japanese tea ceremonies. Tea originated from this region of the world and was consumed as part of social rituals that evolved around health and relaxation. With this glassware range, we want to give that experience to our customers”. 

                Zenshi Tea Pitcher                                   200ml Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass Cup 800ml Zenshi Glass Teapot with Glass Infuser and Coil

The glassware is packed in colourful and stylish boxes and makes for great gifts. You can purchase the products separately or included in one of our beautiful gift-sets. The range includes products for singles, couples, small families, larger families, for offices and for use in hospitality.

Tea came to Britain in the mid-17th century and was popularised in the royal court and upper classes by the queen Catherine of Braganza. At this time, tea was an exotic beverage and was sometimes referred to as ‘China Drink’. But soon, the British people took to drinking tea and - to this day - it remains an inherent part of British culture.

Tea-culture in Britain - and other parts of the Western world - has never been more exciting than today. For centuries, tea drinking in Britain has been somewhat limited in choice. More often than not, the tea drinker is presented with only a few tea flavours - such as Builder’s black tea or a standard Earl Grey. However, with the growing interest in food, health and new flavours, speciality tea brands are shaking the ground by introducing an array of new and exciting teas.

Going through the motions of loose leaf tea brewing, can be very joyful and calming - especially if you have the right equipment. Being able to see the tea as it brews, is a great advantage of using glassware. By assessing the colour of the tea as it steeps, you will be able to brew the tea to the exact strength that meets your individual preference.

Sam  continues: “Tea has a number of different uses. It can be consumed as a pick-me-up in the morning, as part of lunch with friends, to wind down in the evening - and everything in between. Loose leaf teas are famous for their exceptional flavour quality, outstanding aromas and enticing colours. A really great cup of tea is a treat for all the senses - but in order to brew the perfect tea, you need the perfect teaware. At The Tea Makers of London, we combine science and creativity to create the perfect tea experience. Our new Zenshi glassware range is a true reflection of this approachWhether you are enjoying tea in the morning, with friends at lunch, in your office or to calm down before bed, our glassware range includes the perfect product for your specific needs”.


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