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Introducing Our Assam Tea Product Range

Black teas are the most popular tea category, and it is the staple breakfast drink for millions of people all around the world.  We all have our own distinctive ways and rituals of making and enjoying our brew; however, an exceptional breakfast tea has to have few distinct characteristics, and they are freshness, colour, strength and flavour. A perfectly made second flush orthodox Assam tea offers all of those in abundance with deep amber infusion, robust and full-bodied infusion with a delightfully malty flavour.

At The Tea Makers of London, we are excited to introduce 5 distinctly different selections of Assam tea that give a unique flavour composition for our Assam tea enthusiasts. They are all authentically made, referred to as ‘Orthodox teas’, from tea gardens renown for making exquisite teas.

With additional challenges this year, particularly during the 2020 second flush harvesting season, initially with lockdown imposed due to COVID-19 and followed by excessive rainfall and flooding, the entire Assam tea growing region had to face severe hardship in getting the tea gardens to operate and continue production. Despite all this, we are extremely happy with this year’s teas. We have tasted hundreds of cups from different production batches to arrive at our 2020 Assam offer. We take our hats off to those tea pickers who brave the weather to go out and harvest the leaves and the tea masters who work their magic in producing these amazing teas. 

All our teas are single-origin teas that offer authentic, clean and distinct flavours.  Each tea garden offers its subtly varied and its own signature flavour profile as each estate has its own cultivar, terroir or micro-climate and processing techniques.

Our Founder, Sam Sameen, who is an ex tea planter himself, says “ We are not only introducing our customers to a great selection of Assam teas, but we are also taking them on a journey where they get to experience subtle nuances and complex flavours and offer a deeper understanding of how these teas are distinct and varied depending on the garden the tea is produced, time of harvest and type and size of the leaf. This could enhance the knowledge and understand of their favourite breakfast tea, and most importantly, it enhances the enjoyment”.

We have provided a brief summary of the range currently on offer:


Grading: FTGFOP1 Ex Sp -Long wiry leaves from old clonal tea bushes with an abundance of golden tippy leaves. This tea offers a smooth and balanced drink, works well with or without milk.


Grading:FTGFOP1 Ex Sp -One of the oldest tea gardens in Assam started in 1856, and it is home to old clonal and seed jat plants. This tea offers a strong cup and yet flavourful and malty.


Grading FBOP – Medium size leaves that offer a perfect balance of colour, strength and flavour for a great cup and ideal for those who prefer a dash of milk.

Golden Valley

Grading GOP - Medium size with golden tippy leaves that offer a vibrant infusion, balanced strength and malty flavour. A perfect treat in the morning works well with or without milk.

Assam Breakfast

Grading BOP – Smaller and a stronger version out of our Assam collection, and perfect for those you like their brew extra strong. Works well with milk.

These teas a world away from the those powdery and harsh teas hidden inside a teabag. If you are looking for freshly sourced, characterful teas to get you on to a perfect start of your day, look no further. These teas are bound to transport you to the lush green fields of Assam.

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