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The Tea Makers of London Festivi-teas with La Suite West Hotel

Our plant-based trade partner, La Suite West Hotel, have an indulgent Christmas Afternoon Tea Menu that showcases our stunning teas and infusions! 

Read more on the sustainable London festivi-teas and loose-leaf tea collaboration.

La Suite West Hotel

La Suite West Hotel is a boutique hotel that rests in a quiet, tree-lined street of the edge of London's Hyde Park. It is also based near the West End and Paddington, making it a top location for tourists.

It is a unique hotel that attracts a wide clientele due to its unique plant-based menu. Cafe Forty One offers a vegan dining experience that defies the stereotypes surrounding plant-based food. The menu is inspired by flavours of Japan, Italy and (of course) Britain. Each dish is indulgently creative and offers decadent, unique twists on classic favourites, which shows that you do not have to be vegan to enjoy delicious, wholesome and sustainable food.

At The Tea Makers of London, we were inspired by the hotel's kind ethos and wanted to be a part of their sustainable movement by offering our teas in their menu. 

With our interest in sustainability, our biodegradable teabags and our gradual move to eco-friendly product packaging, we thought joining vegan forces with La Suite West was a wholesome fit! 

La Suite West uses quality food and cooks with passion to bring the best dining experience to their guests. We ourselves work closely with local tea gardens and artisan tea farmers from around the world to bring our customers the very finest quality loose-leaf teas, so we knew we were partnering with a hotel of similar synergy, where our consumers are at the heart of what we do.


'We are delighted to launch our tea menu with La Suite West, bringing a flare of authenticity and flavours of the world to every cup of tea. We believe everyone should experience the delight a good-quality loose-leaf tea brings, and we believe our range brings nothing short of perfection! 
Ethically sourced and plucked with the upmost care, we bring to La Suite West a vast range of luxury premium teas. Our vibrant flavours will speak for themselves, best enhanced alongside the vegan afternoon tea and exquisite food the hotel offers. We hope you enjoy our teas just as much as we delight in bringing them to you.'
Sam Sameen - Founder



The Tea Makers' Teas

After meetings and tea trials with La Suite West Hotel's General Manager, we agreed on an indulgent loose-leaf tea menu that complimented the vegan dishes and excited the hotel's guests.

The premium selection showcases our award-winning, authentic and speciality teas.

La Suite West Hotel displays our beautiful teas in an exciting tea aroma tray. Built to entice guests to try new flavours and enhance their loose-leaf tea palate, the tray is is a wonderful way to start a conversation around tea - anything from the nature of the tea; the region it was grown; the natural processing method or simply what the tea smells and tastes like.

We wanted all who try our teas to embark on a sensory experience of loose-leaf.

Chef's Festive Afternoon Tea

'Tis the season to be plant-based!

Enjoy our aromatic teas and drool over La Suite West Hotel's Festive Afternoon Tea, alongside a glass of non-alcoholic fizz.

3 courses for £25 - what an ethical way to celebrate Christmas this year

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