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The Tea Makers Of London Supports SANE

In 2019, the Tea Makers of London partnered with SANE, the UK's leading mental health charity, to support their vital work in effective professional treatment and compassionate care to everyone affected by mental illness.

As a result, together we have created a special herbal blend, of chamomile blossoms, tangerine and rose blossoms, where 100% of the profits go directly to SANE that will help support their frontline services.

Read more about SANE and the services they provide, and how this tea can help make a difference to those affected by mental health.

About SANE

The charity was created in 1986 by the charity’s founder and chief executive, Marjorie Wallace. This was in response to her forgotten illness campaign in The Times, and subsequently Marjorie has been a respected, credible voice on disability, mental health and charitable issues for many years and is widely regarded as having been one of the strongest influences on government policy on community care.

The charity’s vision is to raise public awareness; excite research and bring compassionate care to those experiencing mental ill health.


SANE has three main objectives:

1) To raise awareness and combat stigma about mental illness, educating and campaigning to improve mental health services.

2) To provide care and emotional support for people with mental health problems, their families, and carers, as well as information for other organisations and the public.

3) To initiate research into the causes and treatments of serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, depression, and psychological and social impacts of mental illness.

The charity provides support, guidance and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including families, friends and carers.


Their services (please see COVID-19 update below):

  • SANEline - a national out-of-hours mental health helpline, offering specialist emotional support, guidance and information to anyone affected by mental illness - including family, friends and carers. Open every day of the year (including bank holidays) from 4.30pm - 10.30pm, at 0300 304 7000
  • TextCare - a confidential service, designed to provide emotional support and connection at times users most need it. SANE provide bespoke one-way messages directly to a mobile phone. For people of 16 years and over.
  • Call Backs - (offered when appropriate) SANE offer calls from their Caller Care team, to support and explore an individual's situation/issues in more detail than the helpline is designer to offer.
  • Support Forum - the online forum facilitates a key part of the SANE online community. It is a monitored, safe space for users to offer support, ideas and share experiences. Available 24 hours a day.

SANE also provides a voice to a large online community through its social media channels, image, audio and video galleries and blog site.


'We should never underestimate the comfort and healing powers of a pot of perfectly made tea, preferably served in a fine bone china cup. Tea can refresh and redeem, as John Betjeman observed:
“She such a very ordinary little woman;
He such a thumping crook;
But both, for a moment, little lower than the angels
In the teashop's ingle-nook.'
Marjorie Wallace - Founder and CEO of SANE


COVID-19 Update

It is important to take care of your mind and mental health, as well as your body, during the coronavirus pandemic. Coping with increased anxiety and frustration during the lockdown can be very difficult. Seeking help and support during these testing times can certainly help whether you want to reach out to speak to a friend or talk about your worries to a charity like SANE.

In these difficult times, SANE is continuing to offer help through their team of professionals and trained volunteers. Although the SANEline number cannot operate at present, you can leave a message on 07984 967 708 giving your first name and a contact number, and one of their professionals or senior volunteers will call you back as soon as practicable. You can also contact them, as before, through their Support Forum, Textcare and other services. See here for more information.


About the blend

We felt inspired by SANE's vital work and wanted to support the cause in the only way we know how; with a cup of tea!

With months of tea trials and expert blending, a special herbal infusion has been specially created - Refreshing SANE Herbal Blend.

The tea is a comforting herbal infusion of chamomile blossoms, tangerine and rose blossoms.  

This refreshing loose-leaf tea makes for a delicately aromatic infusion, ideal for enjoying during a quiet moment in the day.

This is a mild and sweet blend with citrus notes and ginger.

We have perfected this sublime tea, with your wellbeing in mind.

'We are very excited to be supporting the wonderful work SANE does to change the conversation around mental health. As a big tea drinking nation, we use cups of teas to enjoy, unwind and to comfort any stresses life may throw at us. We thought it was perfect to create a soothing herbal blend together, in hope that everyone can experience quality time of self-care, with a quality cup of tea!'

Sam Sameen - Founder of The Tea Makers of London


What happens when you buy the tea?

What makes this London tea blend even more special, is that when you choose to buy it, SANE receives 100% of the profits.

The money raised will help support SANE’s frontline services, such as its mental health specialist helpline, SANEline, Textcare and its professionally-delivered Callback service.

To find out more information about SANE and its work, you can visit their website here,

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