Breakfast Teas

English Breakfast Tea is a long-standing British tradition, and a popular morning drink enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Breakfast teas are strong, full-bodied and rich in flavour, and are mostly enjoyed with milk and sugar, or a slice of lemon.

About Our Breakfast Teas:

Our breakfast tea selection includes both blended and single origin loose leaf teas. We offer premium versions of classic loose leaf blends such as ‘English Breakfast Tea’ and ‘Irish Breakfast Tea’, as well as rarer single origin teas such as ‘Assam Mangalam’ and ‘Assam Manjushree’. To create our loose leaf English Breakfast tea, we have used a blend of black teas from the revered Dimbulla and Nuwara Elliya regions of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), regions renowned for producing delicate, smooth flavours and crisp aromas. Below you can buy loose leaf breakfast teas in taster packs, tea caddies, refill pouches or as catering packs.

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English Breakfast Tea - No.01

From:  £2.98

This whole leaf, full-bodied English Breakfast Tea offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. A smooth and delightful tea to start the day.

Assam FBOP Second Flush Manjushree - No.19

From:  £4.50

An exceptional Assam breakfast tea that is made with an abundance of golden tips. Its bright amber liquor gives a gorgeously strong cup.

Assam TGFOP Thowra - No.06

From:  £4.00

An outstanding 2nd flush, perfect as a daily breakfast tea. Its fine leaves boast lots of golden tips and gives a copper coloured infusion.

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Ceylon Breakfast (BOPF) - No.02

From:  £2.98

This fine loose-leaf Ceylon Breakfast Tea is full-bodied and well balanced. The leaves impart a refreshing brew, to be enjoyed in the morning.

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Distinctive Ceylon Ruhuna - No.23

From:  £2.98

This leaf tea is grown in the Southern region of Ceylon. The conditions in this region, creates a dark leaf, which makes for a brisk and delightful brew.

Assam Breakfast Tea - No.36

From:  £3.50

This breakfast tea is perfect for those who prefer a full bodied, strong cup during the cold winter mornings.

Chinese Keemun Black Tea  - No.14

From:  £6.45

Our long wiry Keemun imparts a complex and mellow flavour with a hint of smokiness. A perfect alternative for a luxurious of breakfast teas.

Assam Mangalam - No.05

From:  £7.95

This Extra Special FTGFOP1 Grade tea embodies the perfect Assam breakfast tea. Sourced from the renown Mangalam estate, with an abundance of golden tips, imparts a rich, malty and spicy flavour.

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Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13

From:  £2.98

A brisk and pungent breakfast tea. Hails from the celebrated Nuwara Eliya region of Ceylon offers a strong and astringent brew without the bitterness.

East Frisian BOP Blend - No.11

From:  £3.25

A blend of the finest quality loose-leaf teas from Assam and Ceylon, the brew offers a robust, brisk and malty flavour.

English Breakfast Tea Triunes - No.01

From:  £6.95

This classic loose leaf Breakfast Tea offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. Available in our convenient and bio-degradable tea triunes.

Classic Black Tea Discovery Pack


Try 5 different Classic Black Teas. Includes 10g of each tea. A perfect way to explore new breakfast tea flavours. Makes a great gift for tea lovers.

Assam Meleng FTGFOP Second Flush - No.34

From:  £6.50

Meleng tea estate is located near the town of Jorhat. This tea is strong, full bodied and malty flavour associated with Assam teas.

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Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea - No.10

From:  £4.21

This orthodox Ceylon BOPF is perfect as a decaffeinated breakfast tea. Imparts a milder flavour with hints of sweetness.

Assam Daisajan STGFOF Second Flush - No.35

From:  £6.50

This single origin tea hails from the Daisajan Tea Estate, located in Doomdooma. This aromatic leafy tea offers a smooth malty brew.

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Orthodox Ceylon Bogowanthalawa

From:  £2.55

Teas produced in Bogowanthalawa have bright liquor and good strength and pungency without an overpowering astringency. This tea makes a wonderful choice of breakfast tea.

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Orthodox Ceylon Kandy

From:  £2.55

Kandy is the home of tea in Sri Lanka. We have chosen this tea for its rich and crisp flavour that truly showcases the quality of the teas made in this region.

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Orthodox Ceylon Maskeliya

From:  £2.55

Journey through the nostalgia of a traditional Ceylon cup of tea with this Ceylon black tea, grown in the foothills of Adam痴 Peak.

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Orthodox Ceylon Nuwara Eliya

From:  £2.98

This tea, produced in Nuwara Eliya, imparts a delicately fragrant brew with an exquisite bouquet of unique flavours.

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Single Origin Ceylon Kenilworth

From:  £2.55

The teas from Kenilworth impart a coppery bright liquor and lively and smooth flavours. A perfect alternative for a breakfast tea.

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