Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the world's third largest producer of tea. The humidity, cool temperatures and rainfall in the country's central highland provides a climate that favours the production of high quality teas. We have a range of Ceylon Black, Green and White Loose Leaf Teas.

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Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07

Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07From:  £3.50

This premium loose leaf Earl Grey tea imparts a rich and beautifully delicate flavour with a bouquet of enticing aromas. Our customers agree that our Earl Grey tea is the very best they have tasted.

English Breakfast Tea - No.01

English Breakfast Tea - No.01From:  £3.50

This whole leaf, full-bodied version of classic loose leaf English Breakfast Tea, offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. The tea is a blend of black teas from two revered regions of Ceylon.

Mary Grey - No.15

Mary Grey - No.15From:  £3.50

Made from a blend of the finest Ceylon black teas, this citrussy version of a classic Earl Grey imparts a delicate and fruity flavour with distinctive hints of bergamot, lemon and Marigold flowers.

Ceylon Breakfast (BOPF) - No.02

Ceylon Breakfast (BOPF) - No.02From:  £3.50

This fine loose leaf Ceylon Breakfast Tea from the Ratnapura district is full bodied and well balanced. The black tea leaves impart a deliciously refreshing brew, to be enjoyed in the morning.


Rare Ceylon Silver Tips - No.50

Rare Ceylon Silver Tips - No.50From:  £6.45

This luxury Silver Tips gives you a mix of wonderfully subtle and delicate flavour that can be very soothing and relaxing.

Distinctive Ceylon Ruhuna - No.23

Distinctive Ceylon Ruhuna - No.23From:  £3.50

This wiry whole leaf tea is grown 2,000 feet above sea level in the Southern region of Ceylon. The unique weather and soil conditions in this region, creates a dark leaf, which makes for a brisk and delightful brew.

Organic Ceylon Gunpowder - No.62

Organic Ceylon Gunpowder - No.62From:  £3.95

This fine tea grows without any artificial aid to enhance production resulting in a pure product deemed very healthy.

Ceylon Lover's Leap Tea - No.17

Ceylon Lover's Leap Tea - No.17From:  £3.50

This tea has been manufactured by using the traditional "Orthodox" techniques and with a short fermentation to preserve the quality of the tea and the delicate flavours. Medium strength tea with light golden liquor.

Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04

Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04From:  £7.95

This Extra Special FBOPF tea from Adam's Peak Estate is a testament to the elegant and delicate tea it produces. This well-balanced evenly graded tea is full of silvery tips and tender buds. This tea could be a perfect mid-morning or afternoon tea and works well with few drops of milk.

Ceylon Pettiyagalla - No.21

Ceylon Pettiyagalla - No.21From:  £3.50

This tea has dark, elegant and long wiry leaf and gives you a bright coloured spicy and slightly malty infusion. This is perfect as mid-morning or afternoon tea.

Ceylon Lumbini FBOPF Extra Special - No.18

Ceylon Lumbini FBOPF Extra Special - No.18From:  £7.95

This tea has exceptionally well crafted and very stylish leaves, boasting with golden and silver tips. The infusion is outstanding with an amber liquor opening up to a refreshing medium body, mouth filling astringency and delicate notes of plum on the finish.

Royal Ceylon Gunpowder - No.68

Royal Ceylon Gunpowder - No.68From:  £3.50

A rare tea of the most exquisite quality, hailing from Sri Lanka, renowned for its distinctive and characteristically pungent green teas which are skilfully rolled from the most tender, hand-picked buds.

Luxury Ceylon Pekoe - No.20

Luxury Ceylon Pekoe - No.20From:  £3.50

This is a medium strength tea with full of character. The tea is made using the authentic style known as orthodox tea manufacturing process. This evenly graded and beautifully rolled tea is the best of its kind.

Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea - No.10

Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea - No.10From:  £4.95

This tasty decaffeinated breakfast tea, from the revered tea growing country, Ceylon, imparts a mild black tea flavour with hints of sweetness. A wonderful alternative for those looking to cut back on caffeine. 

Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13

Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13From:  £3.50

This Irish Breakfast Tea is a premium version of the well-loved black tea classic. A high-quality loose leaf tea, that hails from the celebrated Nuwara Eliya region of Ceylon and imparts a rich flavour.

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend - No.31

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend - No.31From:  £7.45

 This unrivalled Christmas tea is made with exquisite Ceylon tea enriched with the finest festive spices. 

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