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We have combined the essential tea accessories to enhance your loose leaf tea experience, all here in our Gift Shop. Discover innovative and stylish tea accessories, bringing you the essence of Tea Makers.

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Zenshi Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass Cup with Lid 300ml

£12.75   £10.20  (60)

This practical teacup is perfect for a busy person who loves enjoying loose leaf tea.

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Double walled glass cup 200ml

£8.45   £6.76 

This double-walled tea glass is elegant and innovative, allowing your cold and hot drinks to stay at the desired temperature for longer.

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Gongfu Hammered Glass Tumblers 50ml - Set of Four

£17.50   £14.00 

Take Gongfu brewing to the next level with this beautiful hammered glass tumblers. 

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Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass 180ml

£7.45   £5.06  (18)

This double walled tea glass is a design innovation, keeping drinks hot for much longer than normal cups.

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Decorative Tea Storage Tin 500g

£10.95   £8.76 

Looking for a way to store your loose leaf tea? Look no further than this beautifully patterned tin.

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Black Airtight Tea Storage Tin 500g

£9.95   £7.96  (8)

This 500g square tin with has a flavour protective hinged lid to protect freshness and flavour.

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Original Japanese Matcha Bowl - Hikaru

£18.95   £15.16  (10)

This beautiful Japanese bowl comes in a gift box, so is the ideal gift for matcha lovers. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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MAGIC Tea and Coffee Maker / Infuser 500ml

£18.75   £15.00  (15)

Perfect way to explore different types of teas. Ideal for office use or for busy mornings.

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Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup Set

£17.95   £14.36  (6)

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup and Tea Infusing Set

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Double Walled Glass Tea-Tiere - 350ml

£27.50   £22.00 

This elegant and practical double-walled glass press is the perfect tool to brew an expert cup of loose-leaf tea or coffee at home. Makes 2 cups.

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Loose Leaf Tea Scoop

£4.50   £3.60  (2)

Stylish stainless steel tea scoop. The perfect accompaniment to meet your loose leaf needs.

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Rare and Limited Gift - Gong Fu Set

£75.00   £60.00 

Take your brewing experience to a new level with this Rare and Limited Gong Fu set. This traditional method of brewing will introduce tea lovers to a new range of exquisite flavours.

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Shell double-walled glass cup - set of 2 - 85ml

£14.95   £11.96 

These stunning Shell glass cups are perfect to showcase the most exquisite loose-leaf teas. Share your favourite teas with your loved ones with this elegant set of double-walled glass cups.

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Silver Lining Double-Wall Glass 100ml

£9.95   £7.96 

This elegant double-walled glass cup keeps your hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature for longer.

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Silver Lining Glass Teapot 600ml

£49.50   £39.60 

An exquisitely elegant glass teapot to share a luxurious tea experience. Makes 2 to 3 cups.

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Tea on the Go  Large Gaiwan for 2

£48.50   £38.80 

For tea lovers who always want the perfect cup at hand, this travel Gaiwan set is a beautiful and unique must-have.

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Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2

£45.00   £36.00 

This uniquely designed travel Gaiwan is the perfect gift for tea lovers who want to brew authentic teas on the go.

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Tea Timer - 3 minutes

£6.95   £5.56 

Brew the perfect cup every time with this elegant sand timer.

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Working From Home Tea Set

£39.95   £31.96 

Effortlessly brew the perfect cup of tea at home with this WFH gift set. Containing all the essentials to prepare loose-leaf teas without fuss, this is the perfect desk companion for a soothing or invigorating treat on busy days.


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items
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