Classic Blends

We use the top grade teas for all our blends. We have a great selection of most popular blends such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Jasmine Green Tea and many more.

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Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07

Supreme Earl Grey Tea - No.07From:  £3.50

This premium loose leaf Earl Grey tea imparts a rich and beautifully delicate flavour with a bouquet of enticing aromas. Our customers agree that our Earl Grey tea is the very best they have tasted.

English Breakfast Tea - No.01

English Breakfast Tea - No.01From:  £3.50

This whole leaf, full-bodied version of classic loose leaf English Breakfast Tea, offers a delicate balance of strength and flavour. The tea is a blend of black teas from two revered regions of Ceylon.

FF Darjeeling House Blend - No.08

FF Darjeeling House Blend - No.08From:  £3.50

This beautifully balanced black tea imparts a bright and clear amber liquor and a light and invigorating flavour with fruity, floral notes. The succulent, silvery leaves offer a gentle sweetness and refreshingly astringent flavour, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Darjeeling Earl Grey with Bergamot Pieces - No.09

Darjeeling Earl Grey with Bergamot Pieces - No.09From:  £4.50

Made from a muscatel blend of Darjeeling black tea and pure Calabrian bergamot, this tea imparts a delicately rich flavour with distinctive citrussy hints. A milder version of traditional Earl Grey tea with dried bergamot pieces. 

Ceylon Breakfast (BOPF) - No.02

Ceylon Breakfast (BOPF) - No.02From:  £3.50

This fine loose leaf Ceylon Breakfast Tea from the Ratnapura district is full bodied and well balanced. The black tea leaves impart a deliciously refreshing brew, to be enjoyed in the morning.


Authentic Masala Chai - No.125

Authentic Masala Chai - No.125From:  £4.50

An exquisite balance of the finest-quality Orthodox Indian Assam leaves and exotically flavoursome, traditionally-grown Indian spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, make this most famous of black teas  a wonderfully rich and tasty infusion. 

East Frisian BOP Blend - No.11

East Frisian BOP Blend - No.11From:  £3.25

This premium black tea is something truly special. A blend of the finest quality loose leaf teas from Assam and Ceylon, the brew offers a robust, brisk and malty flavour.

Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13

Irish Breakfast (Strong) - No.13From:  £3.50

This Irish Breakfast Tea is a premium version of the well-loved black tea classic. A high-quality loose leaf tea, that hails from the celebrated Nuwara Eliya region of Ceylon and imparts a rich flavour.

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend - No.31

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend - No.31From:  £7.45

 This unrivalled Christmas tea is made with exquisite Ceylon tea enriched with the finest festive spices. 

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