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White Tea

Originally from Fujian in China, loose leaf white teas are now made all over the world. Famously fragrant, their young leaves aren’t rolled or shaped but left to wither over several days, with the cultivar and tea maker influencing the final outcome. The result is a type of tea that is the least processed and has exceptionally low levels of caffeine, unlike black and green teas.


Shop our collection online and discover all the diversity offered by these loose-leaf tea beauties: some sublimely floral, others emanating notes of pine and honey.


About Our White Teas

White tea is usually (but not always) made from young and delicate Camellia sinensis leaves and unopened buds, with only the finest spring buds used. Once picked, they are carefully withered and dried under natural sunlight with minimal processing. China’s Fujian province is the heartland of white teas, but we have reached further around the globe to bring you some truly unique varieties, sourced everywhere from the Himalayan foothills to the Sri Lankan highlands. Popular varieties include White Peony and Silver Needle because of the low caffeine content and lighter infusion.


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