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Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass 50ml

£4.20   £3.57 

This small glass is perfect for a tea connoisseur who likes to enjoy tea as they do in Asian tea ceremonies.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass Cup 200ml

£8.95   £6.76  (2)

This 200ml exquisite double walled tea glass cup with handle is handmade by expert glass artisans. 

Zenshi Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Glass Cup with Lid 300ml

£12.75  (20)

This practical teacup is perfect for a busy person who loves enjoying loose leaf tea.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass Cup and Saucer 100ml

£9.75  (1)

This 100ml glass tea cup and saucer is a design innovation. Keeps drinks hot for a long period of time.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass 180ml

£7.45  (8)

This double walled tea glass is a design innovation, keeping drinks hot for much longer than normal cups.

Cherry Blossom Tea for One Teapot and Cup and Saucer

£24.95  (7)

The perfect tea for one set, complete with teapot, cup and saucer.

Zenshi Small Tea Tasting Cups 50ml - Set Of Two

£6.95   £3.83  (1)

These tea tasting glasses are the perfect addition to any tea connoisseurs home. 

Cherry Blossom Tea Cup and Saucer

£10.45  (1)

A beautifully designed cup and saucer for enjoying your favourite tea in style.

Chinese Calligraphy Design Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid 250ml

£12.95   £11.95  (4)

This tea for one porcelain Chinese calligraphy design mug comes with integral infuser and lid.

Zenshi Glass Cup and Saucer 150ml

£8.75   £4.21  (1)

This teacup is skilfully crafted from strong, ultra-light, heat resistant borosilicate glass.

TEAEVE Cherry Blossom Double Walled Mug

£17.45  (2)

Made of double-walled porcelain, this mug ensures the cup does not get hot on the outside.

TEAEVE Little Geisha Double Walled Mug

£17.45  (2)

TEAEVE® Little Geisha Mug, made from double walled porcelain, will not overheat on the outside.

White Floral Cups And Saucers With Red Accents - Set of 4

£17.95   £10.20 

An attractive set of teacups and saucers, with black floral pattern and red accents.

Original Japanese Matcha Bowl - Hikaru

£18.95  (1)

This beautiful Japanese bowl comes in a gift box, so is the ideal gift for matcha lovers. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cherry Blossom Mug with Stainless Steel Strainer and Lid

£13.50  (5)

This beautiful cherry blossom design mug and strainer is a wonderful way to enjoy your loose leaf tea.

Stoneware Matcha Bowl - White

£13.95  (1)

This stoneware matcha bowl is made in Japan.Holds 180ml. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

TEAEVE Patterned Double Walled Mug - Gold

£17.45  (2)

This gold or silver patterned designs give a simple yet luxurious look.

Original Japanese Matcha Bowl - Kaigan

£18.95   £16.11  (2)

This wonderful glazed matcha bowl is made in Japan and holds 400ml. Comes in a gift box.

Original Japanese Matcha Bowl - Utsuku

£18.95  (2)

An ideal gift for matcha lovers, this beautiful Japanese bowl comes in a gift box.

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup Set

£17.95   £15.26  (5)

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup and Tea Infusing Set

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