Double walled glass cup 200ml - Set of 2


 Double walled glass cup 200ml - Set of 2Double walled glass cup 200ml - Set of 2 

Double walled glass cup 200ml - Set of 2

This double-walled tea glass is elegant and innovative, allowing your cold and hot drinks to stay at the desired temperature for longer.

Price:  £17.95(Inc. 20% VAT)


Handmade by expert glass artisans, it is crafted from strong, ultra-light, heat-resistant and mouth-blown borosilicate glass. The outer wall provides effective insulation, keeping the surface cool to the touch.

Unlike ceramic teaware, glassware allows you to see the beautiful and distinctive colours of each tea, making each cup a luxurious experience.  Paired with one of our elegant teapots and your favourite speciality tea, this glass is guaranteedto  create a tea experience like no other.

Material: heat-resistant borosilicate** double-walled glass.

Size – 9cm H x 7.5cm diameter (widest)

Capacity – 200ml

Function – for hot and cold drinks

Cleaning – Not dishwasher safe. Rinse with hot water, clean the outside gently with a soft sponge.

Heating – do not microwave; do not use on stoves

Packaging – packed in bubble wrap, in a card box

Made in Taiwan


Upkeep and usage

Please take care when placing ice into the glass and when using metal spoons to avoid fracturing the inner layer. We suggest placing the liquid first and then the ice.

Please note that you will find a small air-hole at the bottom of the double walled glass. This is not a flaw but a safety measure, put in place to control the air pressure between the walls. Simply rinse with hot water and avoid using the dishwasher. Clean the bottom gently and avoid brushing, otherwise water may become trapped inside the opening and fog up between the two walls.

If the ambient temperature in the kitchen is low, warming up the glasses before use will help the glasses last longer. 

The glass is less likely to break or shatter if you warm it up gradually. Once you have poured in the hot tea, avoid resting the glass on cold surfaces. 

Our insulated double walled glasses are handmade by expert artisans. Because this glass is mouth-blown, each one may have slight differences in height, thickness & weight.

**Borosilicate glass - Borosilicate glass is made mainly of silica (70-80%) and boric oxide (7-13%) with smaller amounts of the alkalis (sodium and potassium oxides) and aluminium oxide. 

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