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If you’re looking for the perfect present for a lady in your life, look no further than our carefully selected range of gifts for her. From teaware sets to teatime treats, we have something for everyone.  

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Cherry Blossom Tea for One Teapot and Cup and Saucer

£24.95  (9)

The perfect tea for one set, complete with teapot, cup and saucer.

Organic Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set


A perfect starter set for exploring the world of matcha, including matcha powder, whisk and more.

Modern Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set


Modern matcha gifts set with 40g of matcha tea, electric whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and measuring spoon.

Traditional Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Gift Set

£59.95  (9)

Contains 40g of matcha tea, bamboo whisk, ceramic matcha bowl and bamboo spatula. 

Decorative Tea Storage Tin 500g


Looking for a way to store your loose leaf tea? Look no further than this beautifully patterned tin.

Red & Gold Decorative Tea Storage Tins 100g - Set of Two

£13.95  (1)

Need a way to store your loose leaf tea? These beautifully patterned tins are ideal.

Gold and Grey Tea Tin 100g - set of two

£11.95  (2)

This is a beautiful and stylish tea storage tin perfect to store your fine loose tea leaves.

Chai of Madagascar - No.107

From:  £4.50  (48)

A marriage of South African honey bush leaves, orange, coco and spices, this tea offers a stunning infusion.

Whole Rose Buds - No.123

From:  £5.00  (13)

This exceptional tea offers a soothing cup to be enjoyed during a quiet moment in the day.

Flowering Tea Gift Box with 5 Bulbs - No.200

£7.45  (7)

5 flowering tea bulbs. When steeped, the bundle expands and unfurls, emulating a blooming flower. 

Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs - No.200

From:  £12.95  (27)

10 Flowering Tea Bulbs made from the finest quality silver needle green tea. 

Magic Infuser Gift Set


This gift set includes the clever magic infuser, with 2 tea glasses and 2 award-winning teas.

Japanese Tea Tin set of three - Cherry Blossoms Red, Green and Turquoise 100g

£17.95  (4)

Enjoy fresh loose leaf tea with every brew by using our 100g Cherry Blossom design storage tins.

Tea Tin Set Of Two - Cherry Blossoms White 100g


These 100g Square Tins will keep your loose leaf tea fresh, for a perfect cup every time. 

TEAEVE Cherry Blossom Double Walled Mug

£17.45  (2)

Made of double-walled porcelain, this mug ensures the cup does not get hot on the outside.

TEAEVE May Lin Double Walled Mug


This TEAEVE® Mug is both stylish and practical. 

TEAEVE Patterned Double Walled Mug - Gold

£17.45  (2)

This gold or silver patterned designs give a simple yet luxurious look.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass 180ml

£7.45  (9)

This double walled tea glass is a design innovation, keeping drinks hot for much longer than normal cups.

Zenshi Double Walled Thermo Glass Cup 200ml

£8.95   £7.95  (7)

This 200ml exquisite double walled tea glass cup with handle is handmade by expert glass artisans. 

Zenshi Glass Cup and Saucer 150ml

£8.75   £3.36  (1)

This teacup is skilfully crafted from strong, ultra-light, heat resistant borosilicate glass.

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