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We have a wide range of tea infusers, tea balls that are durable and easy to use and fit into most of the cups, mugs and small teapots. Add some of our beautiful tea caddies, tea timers and thermometers to your collection.

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Rare and Limited Gift - Silver Lining Set

£95.00  (3)

For an extraordinary tea experience at home, our Rare and Limited set is an unforgettable gift, containing all the essentials to brew authentic rare teas.

Silver Lining Glass Teapot 600ml


An exquisitely elegant glass teapot to share a luxurious tea experience. Makes 2 to 3 cups.

Double Walled Glass Tea-Tiere - 350ml

£27.50  (1)

This elegant and practical double-walled glass press is the perfect tool to brew an expert cup of loose-leaf tea or coffee at home. Makes 2 cups.

Silver Lining Double-Wall Glass 100ml - set of 2


This elegant double-walled glass cup keeps your hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature for longer.

Double walled glass cup 200ml - Set of 2


This double-walled tea glass is elegant and innovative, allowing your cold and hot drinks to stay at the desired temperature for longer.

Gongfu Hammered Glass Tumblers 50ml - Set of Four


Take Gongfu brewing to the next level with this beautiful hammered glass tumblers. 

Shell double-walled glass cup - set of 2 - 85ml


These stunning Shell glass cups are perfect to showcase the most exquisite loose-leaf teas. Share your favourite teas with your loved ones with this elegant set of double-walled glass cups.

Zenshi Special Edition Eichu Tea Pitcher 400ml

£8.95  (1)

No more over brewed tea! This pitcher is perfect for serving tea, once the tea has brewed in your teapot.

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