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In recent years, superfoods have become increasingly popular. We have seen a shift towards healthy options being promoted and encouraged by brands, people being more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and an understanding of the implications of choosing healthier alternatives.

At The Tea Makers Of London, we stock a huge variety of healthy and natural loose leaf tea. From superfood matcha to peppermint tea, from medicinal turmeric through to low-caffeine white teas, we have something to help everyone in our extensive selection. Plus, each tea listed here has its own health properties - such as being low in calories and full of antioxidants, and more!

Read how these teas can be beneficial for your health in our Healthy Tea Guide

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Turmeric Spice Tea Blend - N0.128

From:  £4.50  (23)

Turmeric is the core ingredient of this healthy herbal tea. It imparts a mild, aromatic flavour.

White Peony Supreme (Pai Mu Tan) - No.47

From:  £4.50  (37)

Named after the petals of the White Peony, this tea is characterised by its tender, downy-white leaves.

Chamomile Blossoms - No.121

From:  £4.00  (35)

Revered for its outstanding health benefits, our award-winning chamomile tea offers an apple-like floral taste.

Japanese Premium Gyokuro - No.63

From:  £4.00  (31)

Gyokuro has a sweet flavour which is mild in taste and a greenish in colour infusion.

Menthos Green Tea - No.67

From:  £4.00  (11)

A popular classic, ideal for an iced tea on hot days. Made with quality Chinese gunpowder and American mint.

Peppermint Leaves - No.122

From:  £4.00  (41)

Our award-winning, delightfully refreshing Peppermint Leaves provide a wonderfully calming and uplifting infusion.

Houjicha Japanese Tea - No.65

From:  £3.95  (32)

This tea imparts an exceptional caramel flavour, whilst retaining the creamy undertones. 

Jasmine Green Tea - No.53

From:  £3.50  (159)

Our premium Jasmine Chinese green tea, infused with oils of jasmine, imparts a refreshing flavour.

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