Herbal Tea Gift for Two with Tea Expert and Cups


Herbal Tea Gift for Two with Tea Expert and Cups

Herbal tea for two set, including Tea Expert teapot (800ml)two double walled cups and a popular green tea.

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This is the perfect herbal tea gift set for sharing your tea experience with family or friends.  Aromatic and caffeine-free!

Gift Set Contains:

2 x Zenshi Double Walled Glass Cup 180ml

As opposed to ceramic teaware, glassware allows you to see the beautiful and distinctive colours of each tea as you serve and drink it. Therefore, serving tea in this beautiful glass teacup is a great way to enjoy luxury teas. 

Tea Expert - Easy Glass Teapot, 800ml

Going through the motions of loose leaf tea brewing can be very joyful and calming - especially if you have the right equipment. Being able to see the tea as it brews is the great advantage of using glassware. By assessing the colour of the tea as it steeps, you'll be able to brew the tea to the exact strength that meets your individual preference.

Peppermint No.122 - 25g caddy

This stimulating loose-leaf herbal tea offers a deliciously minty-sweet taste with a cool and freshly-pure aroma and can be enjoyed hot or as a cold brew tea.  As it is naturally caffeine-free, it is particularly wonderful taken as an after-dinner drink.


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