''Lily Heart'' Green Flowering Tea Bulbs


"Lily Heart" Green Flowering Tea Bulbs

This blooming tea is made of the highest grade of special green tea, Rose and Lily  Flowers. 

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Tea Story

This blooming green tea is made of the highest grade of special green tea of fresh spring crops, Rose Flowers and Lily Flowers. It is made in China by skilled Artisans by hand to produce a delicately aromatic, flavourful cup of tea. This special tea is with unique appearance and splendid infusion view.

Tea: Maofeng Green tea
Ingredients: Lily and Rose Flowers
Origin: Fujian

Brewing Instructions:
(1) Glass Cup: 9.5cm in height, over 6.5cm in diameter (400-500ml).
(2) Water: 100 degree boiling, before dropping tea in.
(3) Enjoy after 2-3 minutes



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Brewing Guidance

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