Limited Edition Envelope Display Box


Limited Edition Envelope Display BoxLimited Edition Envelope Display BoxLimited Edition Envelope Display Box

Limited Edition Envelope Display Box

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Envelope  Display Box filled with  Individually Wrapped Triune Teabags - Gift Selection Box - 9 compartments

We bring you a limited edition assortment of wrapped triune teabags in a beautiful presentation box. This new gift set is ideal for tea lovers who don't want the hassle of loose leaf but still crave the quality. You can enjoy the authentic loose leaf experience in teabag form, each carefully and individually wrapped, to bring you the perfect cup of tea.

Each box contains below selection:

1. Individually Wrapped Jasmine Green Tea No.53 x 5

2. Individually Wrapped Jasmine Silver Needle No.45 x 5

3. Individually Wrapped Sensational Bora Bora No.141  x 5

4.  Individually Wrapped Peppermint Leaves No.122 x 5

5. Individually Wrapped Supreme Earl Grey No.07 x 5

6. Individually Wrapped English Breakfast No.01 x  5

7. Individually Wrapped First Flush Darjeeling No.08 x  5

8. Individually Wrapped Chamomile Blossoms No.121 x 5

9. Individually Wrapped Vanilla Rooibos No.101 x 5

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