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Replacement Infuser for Glass Teapot with Bamboo Handle 1000ml


Replacement infuser for Glass Teapot - 1000ml

Bamboo Tea Utensils Set


A beautifully made set of bamboo tea utensils, ideal for all loose leaf teas.

Island Bakery Organics - Lemon Melts 150g


A popular treat to enjoy with a cup of tea, these mouth-watering lemon biscuits are coated in white chocolate with an irresistible taste.

Traditional Chinese Yuan Du (Belly) Zisha Cup - Set of 4


Enjoy tea in a traditional Chinese fashion with these Yixing clay teacups.

Rosewood Pu Erh Prying Pick With Brass Details


This decorative and practical pick enables you to pry apart compressed Pu Erh tea.


Present your tea ceremonies with class and elegance using our bamboo tea tray.

White Porcelain Gawain With Brown Trim 100ml


This stylish and functional white Gaiwan would be ideal for tea connoisseurs.

White Porcelain Tea Presentation Scoop/Holder (Cha He)

An attractive and practical way to scope and hold loose leaf tea. This porcelain holder is an ideal addition to your existing teaware collection.

Charme Bird Design Storage Tin - Set of Two


Looking for a way to store your loose leaf tea? Look no further than this beautifully designed tin, ensuring freshness for every brew.

Geisha Design Matcha Tins - 25g - Set of Two


These small geisha design tins are ideal for keeping your matcha powder fresh.

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony Yixing Gift Set


This gorgeous handcrafted Qie Duan Yixing Clay set is ideal for black and oolong teas, as well as aged pu-erh teas.

Meet Your Matcha - Recipe Book


Get the best out of your matcha with this fantastic book containing over 50 irresistible matcha recipes.

Japanese Tea For One Set


This black porcelain tea for one set is ideal for enjoying your favourite Japanese tea during a quiet moment in your day.

Stoneware Shabby Chic White Teapot - 850ml


Share your favourite tea with family and friends with this shabby chic look teapot.

Stoneware Black and Red Tea Cups - Set of 4


A funky set of 4 tea cups for sharing your favourite tea with loved ones.

Stoneware Luxury White Textured Cups - Set of 4


These beautiful 4 white tea cups come with an interesting textured design.

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58 - Sachet

From:  £12.50

An award-winning matcha green tea, this powder has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness. single serve (1.5g) sachet - 15 Pack

Afternoon Tea Treats


Our afternoon tea treats gift set is the ideal gift for any with a sweet tooth! Includes our delicious English Breakfast teabags.

Afternoon Tea Treats With Loose Leaf Tea


Treat yourself or a loved one to an afternoon treat! Features delicious chocolates, shortbread and two luxury loose tea teas.

Black and Blue Patterned Porcelain Tea Set with Four Cups


A beautifully designed tea set, complete with black teapot and blue and white teacups. Ideal for sharing tea with loved ones.

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Page 1 of 2:    36 Items