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Ruby Latte with Rose and Vanilla

From:  £20.95 

This ruby latte is a wonderful combination of beetroot and coconut blossom sugar.

Liquorice Black Tea Blend - No.312

From:  £4.50 

This blend offers an interesting and delicious combination of flavours. 

Exotic Caribbean Punch / Fruit Salad Tea - No. 146

From:  £4.00 

This tea, inspired by the Caribbean, produces a wonderful fragrant brew inspired by the Caribbean. 

Jungpana First Flush FTGFOP1 Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.30

From:  £14.95  (2)

This superior FTGFOP grade is a signature 2018 First Flush Darjeeling is from one of the globally hailed Jungpana estate.

Margaret's Hope FTGFOP1 First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.28

From:  £17.95 

One of the oldest and finest gardens in Darjeeling, Margaret's Hope produces outstanding First Flush teas.

Niroula's Pine Oak Smoky First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.33

From:  £9.95 

A unique pine smoked Darjeeling from Niroula Tea Farm, a micro tea processing unit of Darjeeling tea.

Anji Bai Cha - No.72

From:  £6.95  (3)

This delicate, rare tea is rich in health enhancing theanine and offers a refreshingly delicate flavour.

Organic Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon

From:  £35.00 

Enjoy the benefits of matcha powder in a luxurious and creamy matcha latte.

Organic Turmeric Latte With Vanilla Coconut

From:  £25.50  (1)

This turmeric latte is a wonderful marriage of spicy and fresh turmeric and sweet vanilla and coconut.

Pouchong Oolong (Bauchong) - No.98

From:  £4.25  (1)

This high-quality Pouchong Oolong tea was freshly picked in April 2018 and produces a fresh and delicate taste.

Glenburn White Moonshine First Flush Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.37

From:  £13.95  (5)

The ethereal and gentle flavour entices the palate in an amazing tea experience.

Rohini First Flush FTGFOP1 Darjeeling - 2018 Harvest - No.29

From:  £9.95 

This First Flush Darjeeling imparts the finest astringency and nuanced floral aroma characteristic of this tea.

'Ripened or 舛ooked Pu erh Cake 100g

£9.95  (5)

Imparting a smooth and earthy flavour, this premium ripened Pu erh cake is produced in Yunnan.

Raw Pu erh Cake 100g

£9.95  (1)

Imparting a smooth, earthy flavour with deep complexity.  A great choice for Pu erh drinkers.

Raw Pu erh Cake 250g


This Raw Pu erh Cake from Yunnan is a great choice for both seasoned and novice Pu erh drinkers.

然ipened or 舛ooked Pu erh Cake 250g

£19.95  (5)

This quality Ripened Pu erh cake from Yunnan imparts a mild, earthy flavour. 

Doke Black Fusion From Bihar First Flush - 2018 Harvest - No.25

From:  £5.95 

This handcrafted tea from Doke Tea Garden offers a light amber cup with brisk, fresh notes.

Ahinsa Organic Ceylon Black Tea - No.16

From:  £4.50 

A fine loose-leaf organic Ceylon Tea with a full-bodied flavour.

Mango Mocktail No.145

From:  £4.50  (3)

This exotic combination of sweet summery fruit flavours will instantly transport you to a tropical paradise.

Sencha Goji-Berry Triune Tea Bags - No.57

From:  £7.95  (1)

This exceptional green tea blend will revitalise your senses and boost your immune system.

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