New Vithanakande Tippy Black Tea - No.22


 New Vithanakande Tippy Black Tea - No.22New Vithanakande Tippy Black Tea - No.22 

New Vithanakande Tippy Black Tea - No.22

This elegantly crafted silver tips black tea showcases the craftmanship of the award-winning tea makers renown for making exceptional quality teas.

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Tea Story

About the tea: This evenly graded thin wiry silver tippy black tea is real rarity. This is graded as FBOPF.EX.SP or Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Extra Special that showcases the true craftmanship of the tea makers at New Vithanakande Tea Factory who produces world renown teas. The deep amber liquor offers a warm aromas of native Sri Lankan spices. The flavours are layered with maltiness and russet and lingering notes of molasses and raisins. This is a smooth tea with lower astringency, works perfect to be drunk on its own or with a dash of milk.

About the tea farm: New Vithanakande Tea Factory is situated in the  which is part of the lower elevation planting district. This unique terroir combined with warm and humid climatic conditions, gives New Vithanakande teas the special mellow characteristic that distinguishes them from others. This independently owned tea factory works with the co-operative of small holder tea farmers from surrounding villages to source the tea leaves. This helps the local economy to thrive and a steady and reliable income for the farmers and their families.

Ingredients: Indian black tea

About the region: The factory is perched on a hill overlooking the Sinharaja forest reserve designated as UNESCO World Heritage site. Ratnapura region is the fabled city of precious gem stones in Sri Lanka. This tea is equally a true gem of a tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is produced in in Ratnapura region of Sri Lanka


Tasting Notes


Brewing Guidance

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