Dragon Well Organic Tea - No.54


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Dragon Well Organic Tea - No.54

Often referred to as the national drink of China, organic Dragon Well tea has a mellow and delicate flavour. Contains Vitamin C, amino acids and catechin.

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Tea Story

Dragon Well Tea (also referred to as Long Jing or Lung Ching) is often called the national drink of China. It is frequently presented as a National Gift to the visiting heads of state, which adds to its high-calibre. Dragon Well tea is highly regarded amongst the green tea lovers, and it ranks as number one of the ten most famous teas of China.

Dragon Well organic green tea is a variety of pan-fried green tea which has an emerald-green, fragrant and distinctive flat shaped leaf.  Once brewed, the tea gives a light, distinctive yellow-green hue, which highlights the top quality of our tea leaves.

The lighter the liquid, the better the quality!

This authentic Chinese tea has been growing for thousands of years in the mountainous terrain of Zhejiang Province, where the youngest buds are hand-picked in the springtime. The mild climate, lack of sunlight and the rainy weather allows the tea leaves to preserve more theanine – which helps give Dragon Well tea its distinct mellow and sweet taste.


Health Benefits

It is known that drinking Dragon Well can help aid the body’s digestive system and decrease inflammation. Due to the high concentration of catechins (green tea antioxidants) found in this green tea, fat is burned faster, overall speeding up the body’s metabolic rate. This organic tea also contains Vitamin C and amino acids.



For a traditional tea experience and a fuller flavour, we recommend drinking Dragon Well tea from a Yixing clay teapot. You can also brew the tea, amongst other of our Chinese teas, with one our luxury Gaiwans.  

This loose-leaf tea works well as an after-dinner drink and pairs nicely with steamed foods, such as steamed vegetables and steamed fish.




Information for tea connoisseurs

West Lake Region: True Long Jing tea comes from the West Lake district on the outskirts of Hangzhou in Zhejiang. The pinyin for West Lake is XiHu so you may see some Long Jing referred to as Xihu Long Jing. This area is a designated protected zone.

Within the West Lake area are the four original Long Jing tea villages of which the best known are Xifeng (aka Shi Feng or Lion Peak) and Mejiawu. The best quality Long Jing is generally accepted as growing in the area of Xifeng. 

Ingredients: Chinese green tea

To read more about our Organic Tea range, visit our blog in our Tea Journal here or learn how to make a cold brew tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested in spring in the Zhejiang province, China.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Thin, flat tender green buds

  • Aroma

    Fresh and roasted hazel nuts

  • Flavour

    Mellow and delicate with a sweet aftertaste and a really royal temper

  • Colour

    A distinctive yellow-green hue


Brewing Guidance

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Thursday, 1 July 2021  |  Tina

The taste of this tea is clean, subtle and refreshing. I love that it is organic too, and the caddy it comes in is lovely. I will always want a stock of this in my tea cupboard.

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A great find!
Wednesday, 9 June 2021  |  Ros

Such a lovely delicate flavour.

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Delicious ...
Tuesday, 1 June 2021  |  P

Another wonderful tea. I hadn't tried this before so took a jump into ordering and am so delighted I did. I love this tea in the late afternoon. This will be a regular on my order list.

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Absolutely brilliant
Monday, 24 May 2021  |  Sumit

Whether you like green tea or not, you have to give it a try. It's just so so good, writing this review while having a sip of it and just loving it.

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Best Green tea I have tasted.
Friday, 7 May 2021  |  Heather

Best Green tea I have tasted.

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