Organic Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon


 Organic Matcha Latte With Cacao And CinnamonOrganic Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon 

Organic Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon

With Cacao, Toffee and Cinnamon Flavour

Enjoy the benefits of matcha powder in a luxurious and creamy organic matcha latte.

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Tea Story

Our velvety Matcha Latte with cacao, toffee and cinnamon, offers a sublime, smooth and creamy way to enjoy all the benefits of matcha powder.

This nourishing matcha latte is 100% organic and packed with healthy antioxidants.  

Matcha Health Benefits: Researchers have found that the concentration of antioxidants available in matcha tea is 10 times greater than the amount of EGCG available in other fine green teas. EGCG can help to prevent cellular and genetic damage by neutralizing unstable molecules - also known as ‘free radicals’. Matcha is also said to boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when consumed regularly. Learn more about the health benefits of Matcha: Channel 4 - Superfoods: The Real Story - Matcha Tea.

Learn More About Matcha in the Tea Journal
Superfoods: Matcha Green Tea Explained

Ingredients: Japanese Matcha Powder 60% | Cacao powder 20% | Cinnamon 8% | Natural flavouring


Region & Time of Harvest

The matcha powder in this latte is sourced from Japan.


Tasting Notes


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