Ceylon Pettiyagalla - No.21


Ceylon Pettiyagalla - No.21

Classified as Orange Pekoe 1, this exquisite Ceylon black tea from the Pettiyagalla garden, imparts a spicy and delicately malty brew with a pleasantly delicate flavour.

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Tea Story

A highly aromatic and mild Ceylon tea grown in the renowned ‘Pettiyagalla’ garden in the ‘Balangoda’ district of Sri Lanka. The tea is made from dark and elegant tea leaves and imparts a brightly coloured, spicy and delicately malty brew.

This beautiful Ceylon black tea imparts a characterful brew to be enjoyed mid-morning or in the afternoon. The tea can be enjoyed as is or with a splash of milk and sugar.

The Ceylon tea industry was established in the late 1800 after a blight wiped out the island’s coffee industry. The commercialisation of the tea industry in Sri Lanka was catalysed by the Scotsman James Taylor and further popularised by the innovative merchant and marketer, Thomas Lipton.

Our Ceylon Pettiyagalla tea is classified as an ‘Orange Pekoe 1 - OP1’, which means that the tea is made from long, wiry leaves and imparts a light liquor that is more delicate than ‘OP’.

Ingredients: Pure Ceylon OP1 Black Tea.


Region & Time of Harvest

This tea is harvested all year round in the renowned Pettiagalla Estate in Balangoda District in Sri Lanka.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance

    Traditional OP1with long wiry curly leaves

  • Aroma

    Fresh caramel and cocoa

  • Flavour

    Smooth and rounded with sweet malty thickness

  • Colour

    Bright orange


Brewing Guidance

This tea gives offers a spicy infusion with cinnamon, warm caramel and cocoa notes. This is perfect as mid-morning or afternoon tea.