Premium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift Selection


 Premium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift SelectionPremium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift Selection 

Premium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift Selection

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Premium Herbal and FruitTea Envelope Gift Selection - 12  triune teabag envelopes

This brand new gift set is ideal for tea lovers who don't want the hassle of loose-leaf but still crave the quality. You can enjoy the tantalisingly sweet and comforting loose leaf experience in teabag form, each carefully and individually wrapped, to bring you the perfect cup of tea.

Each box contains:

- x4 Sensational Bora Bora individually wrapped triune teabags

Our sensational Bora Bora is a true king of fruit teas! Named after the island of Bora Bora, the Jewel of Polynesia, this wonderful tea is meticulously created by combining the most exquisite array of exotic and domestic fruits.

- x4 Lemongrass and Ginger individually wrapped triune teabags

This invigorating and uplifting herbal tea is a combination of aromatic lemongrass and spicy ginger pieces, mixed with soothing peppermint and liquorice for subtle natural sweetness.

- x4 Chamomile Blossoms individually wrapped triune teabags

This herbal tea is known for its calming and relaxing properties. When steeped these Chamomile blossoms produces a refreshing, delicious, caffeine-free infusion with rich golden colour with floral fragrance.


Pair this gift set with our elegant Zenshi Glassware for complete tea experience.

We recommend our Tea Expert Teapot, 450ml.

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