Special White Tea Gift for One


Special White Tea Gift for One

A delicate, perfect gift for a tea lover. Ideal to enjoy in a quiet moment of the day.

Includes stylish Zenshi Glass Infuser mug and beautifully rare Ceylon Silver Tips tea.


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Price:  £24.95(Inc. VAT)


Tea Story

This Gift Set Contains:

1. Zenshi Loose Leaf Infuser Mug (300ml) 2. Rare Ceylon Silver Tips, No.50 (50g caddy)

Our Rare Ceylon Silver Tips are made with carefully handpicked, single origin, un-opened buds that are sun-dried in the misty hills of Ceylon. The velvety silver lined leaf contains a very high level of polyphenols, antioxidants and are low in caffeine.

The tea imparts a delicate and very light liquor with exquisite notes of pine and honey. Its brew provides a wonderful mix of subtle and delicate flavours that are very soothing and relaxing. These luxurious silver tips are rich in fragrance and possess an alluring quality with a hint of natural sweetness.

One of the few white teas produced outside of China, our luxury Ceylon silver tips is a delicate treat for all the senses and is usually enjoyed on special occasions, like Christmas!


Treat your loved one today with this delicately rare white tea set. 




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