Perfect Stocking Fillers 

Fill your Christmas stocking with delicious loose leaf teas and useful tea accessories. Our stocking fillers collection includes double-walled thermo cups in unique designs, flowering tea selections, tea accessories, tea tins for storage and some of our rare and luxurious loose leaf tea. Let your family explore the outstanding flavours of speciality teas with these delicious and exciting Christmas stocking fillers for tea lovers. Give the gift of tea this Christmas. 

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Premium Envelope Gift Selection

£9.95   £7.96  (1)

A rich assortment of wrapped teabags, perfect for those who simply cannot choose which tea to buy!


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Premium Black Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£8.50   £6.80  (1)

A rich assortment of wrapped black tea teabags, perfect for quality black tea lovers!


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Premium Green Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£9.50   £7.60  (1)

An assortment of wrapped green & white tea teabags, perfect for tea lovers who enjoy authentic and rare flavours.


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Premium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£8.50   £6.80 

A rich assortment of wrapped herbal and fruit tea teabags, perfect for tea lovers who have a sweet tooth that needs comforting!


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Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58 - Sachet

From:  £1.60  (16)

This award-winning matcha has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness.

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Tea Tins Set Of Two - Japanese Design 100g

£12.95   £10.36  (19)

A set of two Japanese style tea tins. Perfect for storing and serving loose leaf teas. 

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YAGUA Scale 600g X 0.1g with Extra Large Tray

£12.95   £10.36 

Compact scale that's easy to use and available at a budget price. 600g x 0.1g

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Tea Timer - 3 minutes

£6.95   £5.56 

Brew the perfect cup every time with this elegant sand timer.

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Perfect Tea Timer (Sand Timer)

£12.95   £10.36  (17)

Perfect for keeping a track of the brewing time for various teas. 

20% OFF
Matcha One Cup Measuring Spoon - Stainless Steel

£4.95   £3.96  (14)

This spoon measures the precise amount for one cup of matcha, offering perfect results every time.

20% OFF
Dual Stainless Steel Tea Scoop

£6.95   £5.56  (7)

A simple solution to measure your loose leaf tea with a dual option to measure the a cup or a teapot.

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Stainless Steel Micro (0.6mm) Tea Strainer with built in Scoop

£9.95   £7.96  (16)

Practical and easy to clean stainless steel strainer with built in scoop.

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Tea Water Thermometer

£9.95   £7.96  (15)

For checking the water temperature for brewing as different types of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures.

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Matcha Whisk and Bamboo Spatula

£17.95   £14.36  (3)

This handcrafted bamboo matcha whisk and spatula is the ideal starting place for people new to matcha.

20% OFF
Porcelain Matcha Whisk Holder - Black

£5.95   £4.76  (5)

Add authenticity to your matcha collection with this stylish accessory. 

20% OFF
Electric Matcha Whisk with Compact Portable Case

£9.95   £7.96  (7)

A must have accessory for all matcha drinkers, this tool gives you perfect results every time.

20% OFF
0.5mm Micro Filter Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

£12.95   £10.36  (14)

A practical stainless steel strainer with anti-slip handles. Perfect for brewing loose leaf tea in cups and teapots.

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Porcelain White Teabag Holder

£2.90   £2.32  (4)

An attractive porcelain white teabag holder. No more mess when brewing your tea!

20% OFF
Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup Set

£17.95   £14.36  (6)

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup and Tea Infusing Set

20% OFF
White Porcelain Gaiwan With Brown Trim 300ml

£14.95   £11.96  (4)

This stylish and functional white Gaiwan would be ideal for tea connoisseurs.

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