Perfect Stocking Fillers 

Fill your Christmas stocking with delicious loose leaf teas and useful tea accessories. Our stocking fillers collection includes double-walled thermo cups in unique designs, flowering tea selections, tea accessories, tea tins for storage and some of our rare and luxurious loose leaf tea. Let your family explore the outstanding flavours of speciality teas with these delicious and exciting Christmas stocking fillers for tea lovers. Give the gift of tea this Christmas. 

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TEAEVE May Lin Double Walled Mug


This TEAEVE® Mug is both stylish and practical. 

TEAEVE Patterned Double Walled Mug - Gold

£17.45  (2)

This gold or silver patterned designs give a simple yet luxurious look.

TEAEVE Cherry Blossom Double Walled Mug

£17.45  (2)

Made of double-walled porcelain, this mug ensures the cup does not get hot on the outside.

Perfect Tea Timer (Sand Timer)

£12.95  (13)

Perfect for keeping a track of the brewing time for various teas. 

HIPPO Tea Infuser

£9.95  (3)

This quirky Hippo Tea Infuser will add a dash of fun and excitement to your tea brewing experience.

Electric Matcha Whisk with Compact Portable Case

£9.95  (5)

A must have accessory for all matcha drinkers, this tool gives you perfect results every time.

Porcelain White Teabag Holder

£2.90  (1)

An attractive porcelain white teabag holder. No more mess when brewing your tea!

Dual Stainless Steel Tea Scoop

£6.95  (3)

A simple solution to measure your loose leaf tea with a dual option to measure the a cup or a teapot.

Matcha One Cup Measuring Spoon - Stainless Steel

£4.95  (5)

This spoon measures the precise amount for one cup of matcha, offering perfect results every time.

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup Set

£17.95   £15.26  (5)

Porcelain Tea Tasting Cup and Tea Infusing Set

Pu erh Tea Prying Pick with Rosewood Handle

£3.95  (3)

A must have for Pu erh drinkers. The handle is fashioned of rosewood and is comfortable to grip.

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend - No.31

From:  £4.50  (14)

This unrivalled Christmas tea is made with exquisite Ceylon tea enriched with the finest festive spices. 

Alluring Apple and Ginger Green Tea - No.74

From:  £4.50  (12)

A wonderful tea to indulge in, this blend is created by mixing ginger pieces with blackberry leaves. 

Anji Bai Cha - No.72

From:  £6.95  (3)

This delicate, rare tea is rich in health enhancing theanine and offers a refreshingly delicate flavour.

Assam Mangalam - No.05

From:  £6.50  (12)

This Extra Special FTGFOP1 Grade tea embodies the perfect Assam breakfast tea. 

Assamica Chocolate Spice - No.301

From:  £4.00  (6)

Black Assam tea mixed with Cocoa and ginger to create a deep and malty flavour complexity. 

Black Forest Blend - No.302

From:  £7.95  (2)

Hibiscus tea is famous for its colour and distinctive tanginess. This blend is perfect hot or cold.

Black Ginger Truffle - No.303

From:  £5.91 

With deep notes of warming ginger and rich dark chocolate, this black tea is reminiscent of a dark chocolate truffle. Perfect to enjoy on a cold winter day.

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha - No.58 - Sachet

From:  £5.95  (6)

This award-winning matcha has a smooth and deep flavour with subtle hints of sweetness.

Ceylon Adam's Peak Extra Special - No.04

From:  £12.50  (11)

This tea from Adam's Peak Estate is a testament to the smooth , rich flavours it produces.

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