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Decorative Tea Storage Tin 500g


Looking for a way to store your loose leaf tea? Look no further than this beautifully patterned tin.

Red & Gold Decorative Tea Storage Tins 100g - Set of Two

£13.95  (2)

Need a way to store your loose leaf tea? These beautifully patterned tins are ideal.

Black Airtight Tea Storage Tin 500g

£9.95  (6)

This 500g square tin with has a flavour protective hinged lid to protect freshness and flavour.

Tea Tin Set Of Two - Cherry Blossoms White 50g

£9.95  (1)

These 50g Square Tins will keep your loose leaf tea fresh, for a perfect cup every time. 

Tea Tins Set Of Two - Japanese Design 100g

£12.95  (17)

A set of two Japanese style tea tins. Perfect for storing and serving loose leaf teas. 

Tea Tins Set Of Two - Little Red Geisha 100g

£9.95  (7)

These Little Red Geisha Tea Tins come in sets of two and would be an ideal storage solution loose leaf tea. 

Air Tight Glass Storage Jar 800ml


Store your loose leaf tea in this 800ml airtight jar to ensure a fresh brew every time.


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