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Decorative Tea Storage Tin 500g


Looking for a way to store your loose leaf tea? Look no further than this beautifully patterned tin.

Red & Gold Decorative Tea Storage Tins 100g - Set of Two

£13.95  (2)

Need a way to store your loose leaf tea? These beautifully patterned tins are ideal.

Black Airtight Tea Storage Tin 500g

£9.95  (6)

This 500g square tin with has a flavour protective hinged lid to protect freshness and flavour.

Tea Tin Set Of Two - Cherry Blossoms White 50g

£9.95  (1)

These 50g Square Tins will keep your loose leaf tea fresh, for a perfect cup every time. 

Tea Tins Set Of Two - Japanese Design 100g

£12.95  (17)

A set of two Japanese style tea tins. Perfect for storing and serving loose leaf teas. 

Tea Tins Set Of Two - Little Red Geisha 100g

£9.95  (7)

These Little Red Geisha Tea Tins come in sets of two and would be an ideal storage solution loose leaf tea. 

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Air Tight Glass Storage Jar 800ml

£12.95   £11.01 

Store your loose leaf tea in this 800ml airtight jar to ensure a fresh brew every time.


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