Taiwan has ideal climatic and geographical conditions for tea growing, and Taiwanese Oolongs are considered the finest. Shop our range of teas from Taiwan below.

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Taiwanese Jin Xuan (Milk) Oolong - No.97

From:  £5.16

A popular choice amongst oolong drinkers, this loose leaf milk oolong from Taiwan, imparts a creamy aroma and a delicately smooth flavour.

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Taiwanese Four Season Oolong - No.90

From:  £4.40

Four Season Oolong can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is a great choice for people who are new to oolongs due to its light, creamy flavour.

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Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong - No.96

From:  £4.92

This superlative Taiwanese oolong tea has an exquisite combination of sweet, fresh and invigorating flavours with an aftertaste of ginseng.

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Milk Oolong Tea Triunes - No.97

From:  £5.40

Our Milk Oolong teabags have won awards for their taste. They provide a soft, creamy flavour with an abundance of natural sweetness.

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Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong - No.95

From:  £6.80

One of the finest mountain Oolongs from Taiwan, this has a refreshing and fruity flavour. A great tea to enjoy after a heavy meal.

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Taiwanese Ali Shan Oolong - No.94

From:  £7.20

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Taiwanese Milk Oolong Supreme - Limited Edition - No.92

From:  £27.96

A premium natural milk oolong from the mountains of Taiwan. Can be enjoyed at any time of day and has a rich flavour with buttery, floral notes.


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