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Explore our luxurious range of exquisite tea collection boxes. Our Collection Box gift range includes everything from award-winning luxury teabags to rare and exotic loose leaf teas. For your enjoyment, we have sorted our most delicious and sort-after speciality teas into stylish gift boxes. Choose between a themed tea gift box for the adventurous tea connoisseur, a collection of black teas for a classic tea lover, an assortment of herbal teas for those who love milder flavours or excite a fashionable friend or family member with our Tea Trends Gift Boxes. 

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Christmas Tea Trio Gift Set

£27.50   £22.00 

Authentic Christmas Tea Blend (125g), Assamica Chocolate Spice (125g), Authentic Masala Chai (125g)

Classic Black Tea Trio Gift Set

£21.50   £17.20 

English Breakfast Tea (125g), Supreme Earl Grey Tea (125g), FF Darjeeling House Blend (125g)

Classic Green Tea Trio Gift Set

£28.50   £22.80 

Jasmine Green Tea (125g), Organic Dragon Well (125g), Japanese Sencha (125g)

Fruit Tea Trio Gift Set

£21.95   £17.56 

Bora Bora (125g), Mango Mocktail (100g), Turkish Apple (125g)

Herbal Tea Trio Gift Set

£20.95   £16.76 

Lemongrass and Ginger (125g), Peppermint Leaves (50g), Chai of Madagascar (125g)

Limited Edition Envelope Display Box

£59.50   £47.60 

A limited edition presentation box, filled with your favourite teas.

Premium Envelope Gift Selection

£8.95   £7.16 

A rich assortment of wrapped teabags, perfect for those who simply cannot choose which tea to buy!


Premium Black Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£7.50   £6.00 

A rich assortment of wrapped black tea teabags, perfect for quality black tea lovers!


Premium Green Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£8.50   £6.80 

An assortment of wrapped green & white tea teabags, perfect for tea lovers who enjoy authentic and rare flavours.


Premium Herbal & Fruity Tea Envelope Gift Selection

£7.50   £6.00 

A rich assortment of wrapped herbal and fruit tea teabags, perfect for tea lovers who have a sweet tooth that needs comforting!


Best of Green Tea Trio Collection

£24.95   £19.96  (1)

Dragon Well Supreme  (50g), Supreme Japanese Genmaicha (50g), Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea (50g)

Herbal Tea Trio Collection

£16.95   £13.56  (8)

Chamomile Blossoms (25g), Whole Rose Buds (25g) & Invigorating Lemongrass & Ginger (25g)


Luxury Seasonal Fruity Tea Trio Collection

£19.95   £15.96  (1)

Mango Mocktail (50g), Chai of Madagascar (50g) & Sensational Bora Bora (50g)


Classic Triune Tea Bag Collection Box with Black, Jasmine, Rooibos and Herbal Tea

£39.95   £31.96  (2)

This exquisite collection includes the crème de la crème of classic teas, packed in luxurious triangular teabags. 


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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