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Organic Japanese Matcha (Premium Grade) - No.75

From:  £10.36  (17)

A great choice for anyone new to matcha. Imparts a smooth, mellow flavour with hints of grassy sweetness.

Imperial Jade Green Tea  No. 79

From:  £4.40  (7)

This green tea originates from Yueyang, Hunan Province, home to some of the most amazing green teas.

Orthodox Ceylon Kandy - No.39

From:  £2.88  (2)

This tea's rich and crisp flavour showcases the quality of the teas from this region.

Orthodox Ceylon Bogawantalawa - No.40

From:  £2.88  (2)

Teas produced in Bogawantalawa have good strength and pungency, without overpowering astringency. 

Orthodox Ceylon Maskeliya -  No.42

From:  £2.88 

Journey through the nostalgia of a traditional Ceylon cup of tea. Grown in the foothills of Adam’s Peak.

Orthodox Ceylon Nuwara Eliya - No.41

From:  £2.88  (6)

This tea, produced in Nuwara Eliya, imparts a delicately fragrant brew with an exquisite bouquet of unique flavours.

''Jasmine Ring'' Jasmine Green Flowering Tea

From:  £5.56  (1)

This blooming tea is made of the highest grade of green tea and Jasmine Flower. Includes 5 bulbs.

Alluring Apple and Ginger Green Tea - No.74

From:  £3.60  (13)

A wonderful tea to indulge in, this blend is created by mixing ginger pieces with blackberry leaves. 

Matcha Latte With Cacao And Cinnamon

From:  £28.00  (1)

Enjoy the benefits of matcha powder in a luxurious and creamy matcha latte.

Pouchong Oolong (Bauchong) - No.98

From:  £4.20  (4)

This high-quality Pouchong Oolong tea was freshly picked in April 2018 and produces a fresh and delicate taste.

Ruby Latte with Rose and Vanilla

From:  £16.76 

This ruby latte is a wonderful combination of beetroot and coconut blossom sugar.

Turkish Apple Fruit Tea Blend - No.143

From:  £3.20  (6)

This healthy and traditional Turkish tea makes a soothing and warm infusion. Equally delicious taken as iced tea.

Turmeric Latte With Vanilla Coconut

From:  £20.40  (1)

This turmeric latte is a wonderful marriage of spicy and fresh turmeric and sweet vanilla and coconut.

Turmeric Spice Tea Blend - N0.128

From:  £3.60  (10)

Turmeric is the core ingredient of this healthy herbal tea. It imparts a mild, aromatic flavour.


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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