Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2


Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2Tea on the Go  small Gaiwan for 2

Tea on the Go small Gaiwan for 2

This uniquely designed travel Gaiwan is the perfect gift for tea lovers who want to brew authentic teas on the go.

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This traditional Gaiwan travel kit can accompany you on your travels or at the office so you can brew the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea wherever you go.

This set is perfect for those who prefer to brew their Oolongs, Pu erhs and Greens using the Gong Fu brewing method. Due to the high leaf-to-water ratio and quick brewing time, this method offers an aromatic infusion with intensely full flavours for you to savour.

With 2 beautiful ceramic nesting cups that fit snugly in the bowl, you can even share it. After use, the cups can be wrapped in the soft tea towel and packed in the pouch to ensure safe travels.

Brewing method: the traditional method involves a very short brewing time with a high leaf-to-water ratio (1 part leaves, 2 parts water). The leaves remain in the bowl and can be used for several re-steepings. The lid allows you to pour the hot tea safely.

For Black and Oolong teas: the first

step is to gently pour the water over the leaves to rinse them and discard the water after a couple of seconds. This is called the “awakening” of the tea.

Thereafter, and depending on the type of tea, this Gong Fu method allows you to enjoy multiple steepings.

First steeping:

Black tea: 15 seconds

Oolong tea: 20 seconds

Green tea: 25 seconds

White tea: 30 seconds

For the subsequent steepings, add 5 to 10 seconds every time.

Which teas work best for this Gaiwan travel kit?

Brew large whole leaf teas for best results:

Chinese & Taiwanese Oolong

Pu erh Teas

Chinese Green Teas


Bowl: 7.8cm H x 9.2cm diameter

Cup 1: 4.5cm H x 6.8cm diameter

Cup 2: 4.2cm H x 6.1cm diameter

Tea towel: 29cm x 10cm

Cotton pouch: 9.7cm H x 10.5cm diameter


Bowl: maximum capacity 170ml

Cup 1: up to 90ml

Cup 2: up to 70ml

Cleaning – Not dishwasher safe. Rinse with hot water, clean the outside gently with a soft sponge.

Heating – do not microwave; do not use on stoves

Packaging – packed in bubble wrap, in a card box

Made in Taiwan

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