Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience

The small things go a long way in creating an unforgettable stay in your hotel or B&B. Providing complimentary tea is a great way to please your customers and ensure that they enjoy the experience of staying in your establishment. As established luxury UK tea suppliers to the trade, we offer a collection of fine quality envelope teabags, elegant presentation boxes, authentic loose leaf breakfast teas, double walled thermo glasses and tailored afternoon tea services.  


Luxury Envelope Teabags

Elevate Your Self-Serve Tea Selection

Our Envelope Triune Collection offers a great way to serve fine teas in hotel rooms, breakfast buffets and B&B's. These self-serve luxury envelope teabags provide a convenient way to enjoy the quality experience of loose-leaf tea. The luxury biodegradable mesh tea bags are fashioned in a large triangular shape, which allows ample space for the tea leaves to impart their full flavour.

Envelop Triunes in Presentation Box  

Elegant Presentation Boxes

Neatly Displayed Luxury Loose Leaf Range

Bringing the theatre of our luxury loose-leaf teas to life, we’re introducing a range of wooden and bamboo presentation boxes. The boxes come in two size and colours and are lined with an elegant velvet finish. The smaller size has four compartments and is perfect for displaying complimentary teas for your guests at table service. The larger size has eight compartments and provides a great way to present self-serve teas during breakfast services. Choose between matte black or varnished natural bamboo.  


Speciality Breakfast Teas

Rich and Malty Teas from Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan

Drinking a black tea with breakfast is a longstanding British tradition. Classic English Breakfast Tea has, in fact, become synonymous with British culture across the globe. We have searched far and wide for the best breakfast teas in the world and have carefully selected a range of outstanding breakfast tea varieties from Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan.

Delight your customers with a selection of different flavours and strengths during your breakfast service.


Afternoon Tea Services

A Famous British Tourist Attraction

Afternoon tea is an essential part of Britain’s culinary heritage and traditional British afternoon tea services attract tourist from far and wide. While afternoon tea consists of many delightful British tea time treats, the centrepiece is - of course - the tea itself. We can help you tailor an afternoon tea menu that will entice the palate of tea lovers and tea connoisseurs from all over the world.

Let us help you on your way to becoming a favoured afternoon tea destination.

Please get in touch to request a wholesale tea price list.


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