Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience

With an increasing interest amongst consumers in specialist and artisan food, the demand for new tea varieties is growing steadily. As specialists in fine tea, we can advise you on the latest tea trends and help your business stay ahead of the curve.

As luxury UK tea specialists, we offer an array of teas at highly competitive wholesale prices. 


Tailored Afternoon Tea

Bespoke Tea Menus and Holistic Training Services

Through our expert tea knowledge, we can support you in making your tea service unforgettable.

We provide complete end-to-end support, from selecting your tailor-made tea menu to training your staff in tea brewing and serving techniques. With the combination of our fine quality teas, elegant and innovative teaware and knowledge-based services, we can help you tailor an exceptional afternoon tea offering and stand out from your competitors.


Loose Leaf Collection

Rare Single-Origin Teas and Classic Tea Blends

We travel far and wide to revered tea regions and work closely with artisan farmers and renowned tea gardens. To choose the most exceptional teas, we inspect seasonal tea harvests and meticulously taste-test every tea in our collection. Our range includes well-loved classics, rare finds and specialist choices.

Get in touch to request a wholesale tea price list and for help in creating your tailored tea menu.


Luxury Tea Triunes

Combining Flavour Quality and Convenience

Our luxury teabags are made from biodegradable mesh, fastened together in a large triune shape, which allows the tea to expand and impart its full flavour. Packed with the finest quality teas, our triunes impart the same exceptional taste experience as our loose-leaf tea, with all the conveniences of a traditional teabag. You can also purchase empty tea bags to fill yourself with a tea of your choosing!   


Zenshi Teaware Collection

Innovative and Elegant Catering Glassware

The Zenshi range is inspired by the serenity and peace of traditional tea ceremonies and, with its many functions, it provides a fantastic way to serve speciality teas. The range includes a selection of elegant teapots in different sizes, designs and functionalities. Also available is a selection of double-walled teacups, glass Gaiwans, traditional tea tasting cups, tea pitchers, airtight storage jars and a glass tea-warmer.

This elegantly designed teaware range is handmade from borosilicate, heat resistant glass and is both practical and stylish.

Please get in touch to request a wholesale tea price list.


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